Shit got real

Monday night was interesting. The mat was full which made for some interesting space issues. The big event was sensei giving an uchideshi her hakama and her test/promotion to the adult class. He was hard on everyone including me. In fact, at one point he stepped off the mat and explained/apologized to the spectators/parents. He drilled home martial theory, how aikido differs from sport martial  arts, and how it has it’s roots in war. That is, to understand O’sensei’s philosophy of peace, we needed to understand the war-like aspects of any technique. Out of respect for the uchideshi I’m not going to opine about what happened in class. Suffice to say that I understood the method to his madness, tears were involved, and in the end she prevailed.

I plan to purchase a notebook that I can carry in my bag. This way after class I can jot down a technique so I can later review it. I am fairly certain he had us practicing Katatae Dori Kokyu and Shomenuchi Ikkyo. The latter technique being one that is on the 5th Kyu test which will be the first test I have to concern myself with.

Katatate Dori Kokyu (pretty sure this is the correct name)

Look at it up to 9 seconds — anything beyond don’t bother with because they are variations that were not taught. This is what we had to do but he taught it differently. He first taught us the combat aspect — complete with tantos (wooden knifes). e.g. instead of attacker just sticking his hand out so you could grab, he had the attacker step forward in hanmi and give a tanto thrust. Attackee would then apply the technique. Along the way he showed us that the elbow could be an elbow strike to the chin, however, we mostly practiced it as part of the throw.

Emphasis here: several battlefield martial applications in the technique that when scaled down to level 1 are just a throw.

Shomenuchi Ikkyo

Rather than use the hand strike he had the attackers use a downward stab with the tanto. From the pin he showed options to break the elbow or dislocate the shoulder. He had us mostly practice pinning and stripping the tanto.

Emphasis again: going from battlefield application backwards to the control pin. i.e. war to peace.

Random thoughts:

  • So much for gentle learning pace from class number one! I had to scramble to stay caught up.
  • My falls in Katatae Dori suck.
  • Shomenuchi Ikkyo: Were an attacker using a downward strike on me with a knife I would die. I’d say my success rate for actually catching the arm was 1 out of 10.
  • I need to figure out how to practice falls and rolls at home. Right now the weather still sucks so doing them in the yard might not work.
  • Thanks to practice at home I made it through the entire class in seiza. The only problem is during the last third of the class I had trouble standing up without hobbling.
  • Apparently 1-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in water help with joint inflammation. I’m going to try this concoction in the morning and again at night.
  • I’m in a hurry to post this before work. The post is probably full of mistakes — sorry about that.



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3 Responses to Shit got real

  1. Tater says:

    Bob, I love how you jump right back in. I was think that this was going to be a softer style for you. Already taking falls and rolling! Watch those shoulders and knees!


    • Oh I suck. Sensei and others in class say the first milestone is 3 months. To that end I’ve added a countdown in my sidebar. The falls and rolls are more controlled than judo, as are the pins. Right now it’s the knees – gonna give time, conditioning, and this apple cider idea time.


    • I’ll add this: if I had to use 2 classes worth of Aikido to defend myself I’d also die. Got a LONG way to go…


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