Taking on the Canyon!

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This photo was found via Twitter. It sums up my recent experiences with the U.S. Social Security Administration and upgrading to Windows 10. If the spirit moves me I may blog a rant post about both!

Exercise & Martial Arts

Since I’m a year or more off from trying formal martial arts practice my new goal is to be in the best shape possible for when and if that day once again comes. A few posts back I blogged about a new diet. The new diet is really not causing me to lose more weight. This is because I lost over 20 lbs prior to going on this diet. What it is doing is better spacing meals for me, keeping me fuller, and increasing protein intake.

My new routine:

  1. Run
  2. P90X3
  3. P90X3
  4. Run
  5. P90X3
  6. P90x3
  7. P90X3

The break comes on day 5. This is the P90x3 yoga routine. I’m curious to see if I can keep the pace and motivation so here goes nothing!

As for martial arts, well, I’ve found that if I review half of my taekwondo forms for a week things are looking better. e.g., forms 1 -5 and review them at least three times in a given week. By the third review a lot of rust is shaking off. Same for 6 -9 and the black belt form, Koryo. During that week I throw in a visit to the mook jong and to the first wing chun form. The mook jong drill I have down well so it’s mostly maintenance. Sil lum tao needs more work that I have time for.

Fishing & Hiking

This was a three-day weekend so last night I snuck out and tried the impossible: Catch fish at the stream below dam 1, in the canyon, below dam 2, and below dam 3.

Dam 1 stream still had high water but it’s getting better. I caught one nice 3lb rainbow trout and lost another that was over 4lbs. Given the water speed and height I was not going to fumble for a photo — sorry. I often catch 2-3 pounders in the this stretch. Over that is rare. The bigger fish hit hard and went right into the fast water. I was able to work him into a slower eddy when I saw his size. He rolled and threw the hook! Reeling in the hook was actually bent. No doubt a combination of his size and him getting in that fast water!

I’ll come back to the canyon…

Dam 2 was a total bust. Go figure. I’ve caught some of my biggest fish there. It’s typically quality and size over quantity.

Dam 3 I’ve fished only a few times. I had a good days where I took several nice rainbows. Yesterday the water is so high that you could not wade more than six feet out without getting into trouble. Oh and the current I was wading in was fast which made me nervous. Suffice to say is that it too was a bust. There was two seabirds floating in the eddy next to the torrent. Both were fishing and were having great luck. I tried the zoom on my shitty new cam – not so good:

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The Canyon

This canyon is the stream that flows from dam 1. It’s maybe 5 miles down from the stream I was fishing and most of it goes through private property. Rumors abound about lunker brown trout, rainbow trout, and even a few cutthroat trout. The canyon walls range from 300 – 500 feet high. I was on the entrance end where they are about 300 feet. Still, it was a rough hike down!

From the bottom looking up. About a 300' hike out. Click to enlarge.

From the bottom looking up. About a 300′ hike out. Click to enlarge.

Looking south to where the canyon starts. Click to enlarge.

Looking south to where the canyon starts. Click to enlarge.

This second shot is me hiking south as far as could. The boulders are treacherous. See that white line? That’s where the water used to be about two weeks ago. The water was at least another 20′ high. I would simply die if I tried this hike then!

My two best photos were from about 200′ up.

Looking south. Click to enlarge.

Looking south. Click to enlarge.

Nice view. Note the white discoloration from the previous week’s flood!

And check this beauty out:

Looking North deeper into the canyon. Click to enlarge.

Looking North deeper into the canyon. Click to enlarge.

Now how is that for nice shot! I’m surprised my cheap camera did so well!

Last, I give you the last shot I took after hiking out. It was getting dark when I spotted this:

Moon over the Wild West. Click to enlarge.

Moon over the Wild West. Click to enlarge.

I caught no fish in the canyon. I did take back some nice photos and memories. I also have gathered information that will help me fish it. It’s only a matter of time until I figure out what works in the canyon.



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3 Responses to Taking on the Canyon!

  1. Tater says:

    Although I’m enjoying pictures of your fishing haunts do you think you could post some of you working on your forms? You can artfully remove your head for anonymity. Your camera might add a bit of artsiness to things.


  2. Hmm… I could. We have a better cam with tripod. I could video and do screen captures. Or I could do short vid clips depending on how bad I look. I’m having a lot of trouble with feet placement. The video might pick up other things. It’s getting in the 100’s this week so fishing will be a bust. If the spirit moves me I might. I’m also thinking about re-learning the 2nd dan form too. We shall see. Idea: I should buy a luchador mask and do my forms with it on. Total anonymity!



    • Tater says:

      Hah, did you see that you do a custom one? You could make it look just like you and then it would look like you’re wearing your own poorly sown skin.


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