Beavis & Butthead Get Guns

I live in a Western open carry state. Our fair Cowboy Town is population 55,000 and 3 hours from anywhere. Despite some sketchy oil field workers–and the occasional tattooed meth head–it’s far from a crime wave here.

Guns are a big part of the culture here and it’s common to see the locals exercise their Second Amendment right. Case in point: yesterday while in the checkout line at Wal-mart I saw two such locals.

Is this Beavis? Or Butthead?

Is this Beavis? Or Butthead?

Yes, I risked getting shot to take a picture of this guy. Note the red circles. On his right hip is his pistol and on his left hip is his trusty Rambo Knife. Not seen in the photo is his buddy who was in line ahead of him. He too was packing heat but opted to not carry his Rambo Knife.

Oh, and yes: Beavis is blocking the estimated seven-year-old child that he had in his blue basket. I’m sure both Beavis and Butthead have had extensive training in weapon retention. That, or given overhearing their enlightened discussion about the girl at the gas station with “big titties”, they’ll most likely shoot themselves in the foot.

I could wax philosophical about guns. Then again, just look at the photo: I could have taken that pistol out of his holster before Beavis had finished the word “titties.”



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2 Responses to Beavis & Butthead Get Guns

  1. Tater says:

    I love the straps to keep his gear in place. Never know when all that action is going to take place. hehehe.


  2. And WHO carries a knife that big? Jesus! lol


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