Back from the dead


Not dead yet…

Well folks, I’m not dead. I’ve just been busy and was generally not in the mood to post. Since I’m not in a formal martial arts class I lack the motivation to post and really don’t have much new material to write about. I suspect the post frequency on this blog will slow greatly. If you want to be notified when I do post I’d advise clicking the “follow this blog via e-mail” button in my side bar. That way you’ll get an e-mail when I do write.

Martial arts

I have re-learned all my taekwondo forms including Koryo, the black belt form. I am nowhere near prime time black belt days and review only 1-2 times each week. I also hit the mook jong weekly and usually review sil lum tao. I do not stretch my legs near enough.

I toyed with the idea of formal martial arts in Cowboy Town. The place that used to offer krav maga no longer does. This leaves a WTF taekwondo school — been there, done that, etc., etc. There’s also an ITF school — thank-you, no. On the grappling side of things there is a raggy Aikido school with a 2nd dan instructor and the judo club. I considered the Aikido school and am certain my old body can take it. However, at $65 a month for a 2nd dan, I will pass. The judo club is legit but I’m afraid I’ll just end up hurting myself again.

I’m in the phase of what I call a soft look for the next and last director job. As we get into spring of 17 I’ll be looking hard. It is my hope that when I move I’ll end up in a locale that has more martial arts selections. I figure I still got one more run in me and here’s my short list:

  • Tai chi with chin na (preferably YMAA flavor)
  • Chin na (again, YMAA)
  • Wing Chun
  • Aikido
  • Krav Maga? (maybe…)

At 49 I still have gas in the tank but I do have to be careful. I still nurse a few injuries (mostly healed) and do not want to re-injure or make them worse.


I continue to cycle through the classic routine. I had to update to some heavier power bands and added a 65 pound kettle bell to the mix. After a year I have gotten stronger and my stamina has improved greatly.

About a month ago I was curious where my run ability was. Back in the day I used to knock out 5 mile runs several times each week. I had not run in several years and did start up roughly last April. At that time a 2 mile run damn near killed me. I did work up to respectable running form but then started P90X3 last June. I have not run since then. I was pleased to see that I could run a respectable 2 miles! I credit a year P90X3 for that. So I now run 2 miles once each week, along with the 6-day P90X3 routine.

Weight Loss

I continue to range from 180 lbs to 184 lbs. My diet is improvised and I generally eat three meals a day. This leads to me wanting to gnaw my leg off and/or caving and buying junk food at night.

To be fair, I did lose 25 pounds with X3 and my shitty diet. I figure if I get serious about diet I can get down to 170 – 175 pounds which is where I’d like to be. After a little research I found a book called the Shred Diet.

One of it’s hallmarks is seven smaller meals a day. Basically clean proteins, greens, fruits, and carbs. It also includes protein shakes and smoothies for good measure. The scheduled meals keep you full which is supposed to curb binge eating. I made it through week one and generally did not want to eat my pillow. The hard part is that I have to plan weekly meals and set reminder’s in my iPhone for my daily feedings. I’m going to trudge on for a few weeks and see if I lose weight and gain muscle.


Due to heavy rains and mountain snow melt the DNR had to open spillways on all the dams. This has led to heavy flows for about two months. The river and my usually trout spots have been UN-fishable. The flow got back to normal last week so I plan to go out this weekend. If I have luck I may blog and post a few pics.

Until then, ta!


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  1. Tater says:

    I had a flash back! I did that wing chun form back in 82. Cripes that was a long time ago.


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