This week is spring break. I get two days off and I’m taking one on Monday. Then I’ll be back at work for 1.5 days and off to a conference in Philadelphia. I forecast cheese steaks, some hotel or areas bars, a few martinis, and copious people watching when not at the conference.

Saturday morning I weighed in at 179 pounds. This means I lost one more pound! I’d like to stay at 180 so maybe I’ll eat three cheese steaks!

Injuries: this morning was particularly bad. My right shoulder is acting up and both my bad elbow tendons were giving me hell. We are in the midst of an approaching cold front and my high mileage body can sure feel it! I am considering acupuncture but the place in town charges $80 per session and insurance won’t cover it.


Whatever I tore/strained in my left hip is at 98% healed. I can again do side or round kicks with only a twinge. I’m still giving the injury lots of space and the kicks–when I do them–are very controlled.

This week is another transition week in P90x3. What that means is a lot of stretching, dynamic moving, and yoga. Then I’ll be on the conference trail and get five days off. If the hotel has an exercise bike I might use it. Past that I’m using the time off to heal.

Taekwondo forms: I now have forms 1-8 back. They are ugly but they are back. I’m going to give it a few more weeks and then start on re-learning Koryo, the black belt form. Along with TKD forms I still review my mook jong form and the first Wing Chun form, Sil Lum Tao.

As for that Kempo place in town, well, we’ll see. The spirit is willing but the body is falling apart. I’m able to exercise and review forms at home in a controlled setting. Despite this control I still have days where I’m either aching or injured. Factor in a dynamic class with variables that I can’t control and I fear I may really hurt something. I’ll give the ol’ body a few more weeks and then see where I’m at.



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  1. Tater says:

    I my own experience it seems as though just taking off from everything was the only thing that resolved those tendonal problems. Then I got fatty. I hope for a better resolution for you.


    • We will see. I’m not bothered by pull-ups–at lest the shoulder. Military press bothers it a tad. It’s the darn starfish side plank that kills it. If I get it healed I may stop doing them.


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