The strain and/or tear in my left hip was not getting better so I eased up for an entire week. Today I started week 4 of the “Classic” P90X3 cycle. Week 4 is a transition week so it’s heavy on stretching, yoga, isometrics, etc., and light on resistance training and cardio.

The injury felt good at the end of the 30-minute routine so I decided to try some taekwondo kicking warm-ups. I limited myself to 5 reps per side and everything seemed to hold together. I can still feel a twinge and slight tenderness when I try a left leg side kick or round kick. I also get less of a twinge when I kick with the right leg because that left leg stabilizes.

I decided to push through and review my forms again, however, when side or round kicks came up I skipped them and just stepped through to the next technique. I made it through without injury so that’s good! I plan to do the next X3 routine on Monday but I am skipping the forms until Tuesday or Wed. I really want the injury to heal and plan to take it slow.

Kempo Kung Fu?

If I can get the hip healed and keep all the other ailments managed I plan to visit. No hurry or timeline here so stay tuned.

Martial Links

  • This one got a lot of play. The headlines read drunk man “kung fu” kicks elevator door and falls down shaft. I read most of the stories and reviewed the footage and I doubt he is trained in kung fu. Regardless, having been that drunk in my youth I’m just glad I didn’t try a stunt like this poor sop did!
  • If you are a Star Wars geek Black Belt magazine is running a multiple part series on the martial arts of Star Wars.
  • My favorite video is off a high school girl — in a dress no less! — who is purported by some reporters to have had some MMA training. She is seen landing a good knee strike and then taking the boy bully down. Now if this was Bob from 10 years ago I’d probably prattle on about how martial arts teach restraint, blah, blah, blah. This “older” Bob, however, just likes seeing a bully get his!


I’m in the midst of planing a trip to Keyhole Reservoir. The lake has a healthy population of Northern Pike. I grew up chasing this fish in NE Nebraska. Given that I lived in NE Nebraska where Pike are not native, it was a hell of a chase! Last spring this article caught my eye. In it you’ll see a guy who caught a 16 pound Northern on smelt. The only time pike will take dead bait is after the ice has melted. They do this to bulk up for the spring spawn. In fact, me and my high school pals had good success in the 80’s catching Northern Pike and Tiger Musky on smelt. I’m tentatively looking at a mid to late March trip. It all depends on if the ice is off and if the air temperature is warming.

Taegeuk Pal Jang

The bane of my martial existence! This is the form that I bungled at my black belt test. It ALWAYS gave me trouble. Part had to do with the complexity and part had to do with the fact that I think the way some of the techniques are executed make no martial sense.

About two weeks ago I started to re-learn this form and it’s every bit as hard as I remember. I’m up to the palm block kicking series that end at 43 seconds in the below video.

My complaints:

  • The spin at 19 seconds into a simultaneous high/low block represents defense against two attackers. IMO it makes no sense spinning this way because it’s slow and exposes your back to at least one of the imaginary attackers.
  • At about 22 seconds you see the first simultaneous grab/uppercut. This technique makes good sense, however, it’s practiced in the form at super slow speed. I always thought it should be practiced at speed in case you ever had to use it.
  • The step across at about 24 seconds has you stepping in front of your foot. This always felt awkward to me and is not what I would do if attacked. For that split second as you are stepping across it would be very easy for someone to just push you over.
  • At about 30 seconds you spin 90 degrees into a knife hand block. This move is slow and also exposes your back to an attack. The quicker way into that defense would be to just step back with your right foot into the same block. Doing it this way is 50% faster to the block and you keep your eyes on the imaginary opponent at all times.
  • After the above knife hand move you see the palm block/kick/tiger stance series. All of these techniques I like, however, the kick height varies by which source I consult. Examples: My DVD shows it as a high kick, the below shows it as a high kick, and my school taught it as a high kick. However, the book by Sang H. Kim shows it as a kick to the midsection. Kicking from cat or tiger stance high is slower IMO than just kicking into the groin or midsection.
  • I stopped at the palm/kick/tiger stance series. Expect further complaints as I recall and relearn what annoys me.

But what do I know? I’m just a hack!

Here’s Pal in all of it’s glory:


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  1. JT says:

    I love that high school girl kicking that kids ass. He will never live it down all through school, if not his whole life.

    As far as the TKD forms, yawn. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt.
    Watch your kicking and the stress on the hips man, it wrecked me (over 20 +years). Now, Soft kung fu & tai chi is my plan, slow, intense movement.

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