Taeguek Oh Shit!

So far I’ve relearned five of the Taeguek forms. They are:

  1. Taeguek Il Jang
  2. Taeguek Ee Jang
  3. Taeguek Sam Jang
  4. Taeguek Sa Jang
  5. Taeguek Oh Jang

The first three came back relatively quick. The fourth form took about a week and that last form was definitely OH SHIT! Last week I reached the point that I can again perform #5 (mostly) without looking at the DVD. In particular, the sequence of inner blocks, front kicks, and back fists gave me a lot of trouble. It was all still rattling around in my head and with a little effort it came back. I plan to work on these for the next week and see where I’m at next Sunday.

“Next Sunday” is today! (I wrote this post over two weeks)

I now have the first five forms down and today I started to re-learn number six: Taeguek Yuk Jang. After about 30 minutes of Yuk I can almost perform it without looking at the DVD or a book. Yuck indeed!

There is no huge hurry here, however, since so much of my martial arts journey revolved around taekwondo it’s just a shame to let these forms go. I was formerly taught and tested on the first eight Taeguek forms and Koryo, the black belt form. I was also formerly taught the 2nd and 3rd degree black belt forms. My first goal is to get the first eight and Koryo back. After that we’ll see about the 2nd degree black belt form.

Related: The DVD “Tae Kwon Do: A Visual Guide to the Forms” by Nilson is solid and I recommend it. During my second run in taekwondo I used books and DVD’s by Sang H. Kim. They are excellent but pricey. At $25 Nilson’s DVD is a steal! It include all of the Taeguek forms, four of the black belt forms, and 12 Mool Soo Do Forms.


I’m sticking with 85% of the mass schedule and will see the 90 days through to completion. I’ve varied the schedule by doing the following:

  • Reduced workouts from six days on to five days on
  • Replaced the second leg workout with one of the X3 amped-up leg cardio routines
  • Extended two of the 30 minute routines by 15 minutes. I did this by adding some exercises I’ve picked up along the way in martial arts and elsewhere.
  • Incorporated my stationary bike into the cycle at least once each week
  • Incorporated martial arts drills into 2 days
  • Taekwondo and wing chun forms daily

If I had a shit day at work my bare minimum is the 30 minute routine, as presented on the P90X3 DVD’s. I’ve been pretty good about sticking to this self-contract. I’ve also lost 2 more pounds and am at 183 lbs. 🙂

Martial Links

  • I guess you’re never too old! A 59-year-old earns his black belt!
  • Putin spent his vacation training in judo and hockey. He apparently declined Steven Seagal’s offer to tour Russian all-you-can-eat buffets. 😉
  • Not really martial arts but pretty damn funny if you can’t stand Donald Trump and are a fan of The Big Lebowski.

Lets close with a beautifully choreographed version of Taeguek Oh Jang. Enjoy!


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  1. potatoefist says:

    I’m glad to hear to your training is coming along. I’m so jealous about the weight loss. I wanted to be at 195 before I leave on vacation so I’ve added running in and still haven’t dropped under 200! You’re and inspiration!


    • It’s the diet! Maybe I’ll blog about it. The exercise adds some.


      • potatoefist says:

        The diet is definitely the problem. I’ve taken to eating at home as much as possible, but portion control is very difficult for me. I make healthy food, but then eat twice as much. Sigh.


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