Everything old is new again…

That DVD that I previously blogged about arrived. In retrospect I could have used my iPad and saved videos from YouTube. However since I have a portable DVD player for the P90X3 routines I think that the DVD is the less annoying option. Also besides Taegeuk 1 – 8 and the the black belt forms, it comes with some additional forms that some master apparently created.

For the immediate future my goal is to re-learn all the Taegeuks and the black belt form, Koryo. So far, so good.

Yesterday I visited Taegeuk Il Chang for the first time in over three years. It was not as ugly as I had imagined. That form is the first form I learned. On the road to black belt it probably gets the most practice because it is the first form. This probably explains why it came back fairly quick. It’s far from tournament or test quality, but I am surprised that it was still rattling around in my head.

Later today after I finish one of the P90X3 leg routines I’m going to review it again. If it’s sufficient I’m going to try form number two: Taegeuk Ee Jang.

Closing Videos

First I give you the spectacular effects of being knocked out. I bet this guy never lived it down!

And here’s Il Chang. The video is a little cheesy but the clarity is the best I could find.


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    Talk about making an unforgettable exit!


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