185, baby!


I weighed in today at 185 pounds. Two words: Fuck yeah! Over the next few weeks and months I’m going to experiment with diet and exercise and see if I can keep things between 180 – 185. Overall I’m pleased with the sensible eating and definitely pleased with P90X3.

Wing Chun

The learn-by-video is going as good as can be expected. I have the first form, sil lum tao, memorized and am working on refining it. The video also comes with nine specific applications of the form and I’m working on them too. I think I’ll continue working on it through the spring. After that I may pony up and buy the second form. I also may video myself doing the first form and send it in for a review.


Since I have the physical space I’ve toyed with the idea of relearning all my forms including Koryo, the black belt form. I seem to have lost my DVD set of Taeguek forms by Sang H. Kim. Perusing Amazon I see that this set is pricey. I do have Kim’s book but it’s been so long since I’ve attempted the forms that I know I’ll need visual aids. To that end I ordered this economical DVD by Nilson.

No big hurry here. However, since I’ve lost 25 pounds and am exercising on a regular basis, I feel that I’m in good enough shape to again attempt the forms. Once the DVD arrives I’ll keep ya’ll posted. I do suspect that some of the kicks will be limited to waist level.


My right elbow still has tennis elbow. Per the doctor, I continue to work through the pain and continue to do the strengthening exercises. It does not seem to get better but at least it’s not getting worse.

My left elbow is still healing from the bursitis. I still have a small bump and it’s still painful if I put too much pressure on it. Also if I’m doing curls I notice a twinge in one of the elbow tendons. I’m desperately hoping it does not turn into tennis elbow.

I’m guessing that 10+ years of punching has contributed to my elbow problems. I always thought my hips would be the issue but both have been excellent.

Go figure.

Life Insurance

The life insurance via my college sucks. To this end I’ve been shopping around for supplemental life. The depressing part: I’m on a statin for cholesterol and the past year of doctor elbow visits haven’t helped. Despite losing 25 pounds and getting the BP down to a safe level, the goddamn blood-sucking insurance companies still think I’m a risk. This translates to them giving me a medical screening, looking at my medical records, and charging me more than I want to pay.

Next stop: Allstate. We’ll see if I’m in “good hands”.

Closing Video

File this one under: Um, okay…

Those crazy Russians are teaching people how to defend themselves with selfie sticks.


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  1. Beat the crap out of mugger with a selfie stick, take a selfie said former mugger. I smell an ad in that idea.

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  2. potatoefist says:

    I was thinking of all the stupid MA stuff on the internet, this didn’t seem half bad. Hell a stick looks like an ASP!


  3. Is there anything that those crazy Russians can’t solve?


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