Stuck at 187


Updates: My left arm continues to heal. The staff infection is totally gone, however, I still have a bump and it hurts to put weight on it. I’m seriously hoping that the bump is not permanent. I guess only time will tell.

My right arm continues to have tennis elbow pain. Last spring it was at a solid 10 on the pain scale. This latest bought has it at a consistent 4. It persists despite the ice, anti-inflammatory meds, and strengthening exercises.

I’ve restarted another P90x3 cycle. I’m on block 2, week 5 of the mass schedule. Until I’m healed I’ve modified any plank moves that put me on the elbow. i.e. replaced these with these. Overall the mass schedule has less plank-type moves which will also help the elbows.

So far, so good.

Regarding continued weight loss I’m stuck at 187 pounds. I really do want to get down to the 180 – 185 range and hold. However, I’ve added a few diet cheat days which includes the occasional adult beverage. The added protein drink and creatin also add a few calories. Guess I’ll have to continue to adjust the diet and see what comes of it.

Steven Seagal: Potatoe Fist suggested that blogging about Seagal-san would increase my blog traffic. I suspect that it will have the opposite effect. However, here goes nothing!

The Bloated One recently made some high profile news sources. Here’s a blurb from ABC:

Serbian officials offered the veteran American actor and producer a job Tuesday training Serbian special police forces in Aikido, a Japanese martial art that Seagal is famous for in his blockbuster movies.

Apparently Seagal-san is hobnobbing with various Serbian officials including the pro-Russian President,  Tomislav Nikolic.

Who wouldn’t want the guy who sang “Punani” to train your police force?


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  1. potatoefist says:

    You know it’s a very catchy tune. I’m sure I’ll be humming it all day to the disgust of my co-workers. In other news your weight loss has motivated me once again and after the holiday bloat I’ve managed to get down to 198 this morning. No where near your progress, but you’ve given me hope!


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