Guess I’ll be using the stationary bike for a while…

This past Sunday I tackled painting another ceiling. During the course of doing this I had to balance myself against the wall with my left elbow. About mid way through it I felt a sudden burning in the elbow. The next day the elbow had swollen. By Wednesday it was REALLY swollen, hot to the touch, and hand redness almost to the wrist.


So I went to the doctor today. When he saw my elbow his first words were: “That is not good.” He then told me it looked like bursitis with a secondary infection. He promptly left the exam room and returned with two more doctors in tow.

When you’re primary care physician returns with two doctors it’s definitely an “Oh shit!” moment. 🙂

So the end result is that they drained the fluid on my elbow with a big ol’ needle. The worst part was no pain killer. i.e. the doc said he’d have to use a needle to inject the pain killer so it’s practically a moot point. They also have me on a super antibiotic and even marked the infection spread with a permanent marker. They’re sending the fluid to the lab in order to find out what kind of infection I have. In the meantime…

Well this sucks

Well this sucks

I’m to return on Monday, however, if the infection spreads past the black line I’ve been instructed to head to the E.R.

Right arm= recurring tennis elbow. Left arm= bursitis which is prone to recur.

I guess all I got left to kick ass with are my feet!

In unrelated news, high heels are apparently self-defense weapons…



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2 Responses to Guess I’ll be using the stationary bike for a while…

  1. potatoefist says:

    Holy Cow Bob! It looks like you went to Thailand to get a boob job on your arm! I hope that heals sooner than later. Yikes.


  2. Yeah, it kinda sucks. I called in sick b/c I slept poorly and wanted to give the antibiotics a chance to kick in. The red has already moved past the black line. However, the doc said it will take a few days for the antibiotic kicks in. I REALLY do not want the hassle and expense of a weekend E.R. visit. Anyhoo, the swelling has gone down a bit so I removed the stylish purple wrap. I do like the Popeye-esque swollen forearm. Ug! Ug! Ug! I eats me spinach!


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