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Last week concluded 13 weeks of P90X3. For those of you who have not been following along, X3 is the 30 minute version of the hour-long classic P90X routines. Owing mostly to the hell schedule that is my  job, I’ve struggled with consistent exercise and diet. This typically translated to me exercising in a half-ass manner about twice per week. It also translated to some bad food choices including too much Mr. Alcohol. The end result is that I went from my normal 180-185 pound range up to a fatty 210.

What attracted me to P90X3? The following:

  • I groaned at the prospect of an hour or more at the gym so the 30-minute intense routines seemed appealing — honestly, this was the biggest selling point for me.
  • I deal with people and problems all day so the prospect of 30-minutes alone exercising at at home seemed very appealing
  • The overall disgust with myself of having gained enough weight to not be able to fit into pants!
  • Blood pressure that was getting into a bad place
  • Minimal equipment — all you need is a light and heavy exercise band and some push-up extenders

My results? After 13 weeks I lost 23 pounds! Better still, my BP has dropped down to the normal range. (now if I could only get off the damn cholesterol med!)

Considering that I’m 48-years-old I’m very pleased with P90X3.

Will X3 work for everyone? IMO no. Ultimately weight loss and fitness come down to consistent diet and exercise. Theoretically you could get there with a sensible diet and a walking routine. The key here is consistent exercise and watching what you eat. If you can’t stick to those two things P90X3, aerobics at the Y, or anything else will not work!

I also would not recommend X3 if you are grossly overweight and never exercise. Leading up to it I spent a little over a month jogging and hitting the old school weights. Even then the first few weeks of P90X3 were rough. If you are overweight and out of shape I’d advise some other combination of exercise and diet for a few months before trying X3.

Will you lose weight and get toned? If you consistently stick with their calorie guidelines and the routines, without a doubt, yes!

If you are a fan of any of the P90 routines here are my slight modifications to X3 and/or my advice:

  • Totally hate the Pilates routine. Yes, yes, I can just imagine Tony Horton chewing my ass. Oh well. I typically will substitute that routine with Dynamix.
  • I said earlier that all you need is minimal equipment and this is true. However, I would advise at least the following: light, medium, and heavy exercise bands, push-up extenders, and a wall or door frame pull-up bar.
  • Before you invest in extra equipment go minimum equipment for at least 8 weeks. This way if you discover that you do not like X3 you will not have wasted your money on extra equipment.
  • I have additional equipment which can be worked into the series. i.e., kettle bells, dumb bells, a sit-up bench, and a stationary bike. (had this stuff previously)
  • About twice each week I’ll do an extra 10 minutes. This may mean 10 hard minutes on the exercise bike or an extra 10 minutes of a given body part. e.g. arms, legs, chest, back, or core. The extra 10 comes only after having completed a given 30-minute routine.
  • I did not exercise seven days per week. I always took one day off. I tried to stick with a six-day schedule. I estimate that I exercised six days per week at least 85% of the time. I did have a couple five or four day workouts and that’s totally okay.
  • I was pretty consistent with limiting my food portions, increasing protein intake to 60 grams per day, and sticking to the X3 calorie calculator.

What’s next?

I’m moving on to the mass schedule. I’m still going to watch my calorie intake and still plan to target 60-75 grams of protein per day via diet and a whey-soy supplement. I’ve also added some creatin as a pre-workout drink. Lastly, I’m also keeping my “extra 10 minute” routines in the cycle.

Right now I weigh 187 pounds so getting to 185 should be cake!


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2 Responses to Owned it

  1. potatoefist says:

    As much as Tony makes me grind my teeth, I did like his practically as it relates to diet. I would add that I’m doing some homework on use of whey products. I’m pretty sure the human body has an issue with it, but can’t recall what I heard. I’ll get back to you on that.


    • Whey absorbs fast whereas soy absorbs slow. A 50/50 not excessive mix is supposed to be good for recovery. Now the body builder dose is likely bad!

      See this link. I’m at about 60 grams daily. I would never go beyond 80 grams.


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