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Fishing: Last weekend I got out with my waders, rod, and spoons. My efforts were rewarded with a nice brown trout and also one rainbow trout. Above is a photo of the brown. Due to high winds this weekend was a bust. I’m going to try and go out again next weekend.

P90X3: This week starts Week 13 of P90X3. I’m still weighing in at 187 pounds. I’ve already lost over 20 pounds and am pleased with my progress. I probably won’t get to my secondary goal of 185 pounds but that’s okay. After this week ends I’m starting a new cycle and am also going to try and hit 20 minutes on the stationary bike at least twice per week.

In the next week or two I’ll blog about my overall impressions of P90X3. After 90-days on the program I have some thoughts.

Kung Fu: My home Wing Chun training is progressing. I’m usually able to squeeze in some martial arts after my Saturday and Sunday P90X3 workouts. Typically I also review the first form at least twice during the week. Will I become Bruce Lee at this rate? HIGHLY doubtful. Still, I’ve shaken rust of some previous learned techniques, and the Wing Chun is good stress relief and also stimulates my mind.

Some random web stuff: I collected few links and this one is worth sharing…

Northern California cops are training in nunchucks?

But it only took a few days of training with nunchucks to win over Day. The weapon – two solid sticks of plastic attached by a foot-long nylon cord – was recently added to the Anderson Police Department’s arsenal.

The department of 20 sworn officers about 200 miles north of San Francisco joined several other U.S. law enforcement agencies that use nunchucks as “less than lethal” weapons 20 years after their popularity peaked.

Back in the day I learned the chuks and used them in a tkd tournament routine. They are effective weapons but the learning curve is pretty high. IMO opinion the police would be better off training and certifying in their other non-lethal weapons.

For that matter, given the news these days, they should probably also devote some time to sensitivity training and reviewing their use of force policy!

But what do I know…?


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