Gained a pound

Steven Seagal eats Russia?

I’m back.

While visiting home the hell of it forced me to eat bad food and also drink. Despite this I went for two runs and one walk. The end result is that I only gained a pound.

Yesterday I started day one of week 12. My secondary weight loss goal is still 185 pounds. With two weeks to go we’ll see if I make it. If I don’t make weight it’s not a big deal. I plan to start over on p90x3 but the next go around will be their mass schedule. Despite being a different routine, I suspect that the mass schedule will still get me to the 180-185 range.

Injuries: I’m still nursing my shoulder. It is getting better but the going is slow. I’ve modified all side plank exercises in P90x3 and now do them from the elbow.

My tennis elbow is still a problem too. On a scale of 1-10 it’s currently a two. I’ve been nursing it with ibuprofen and ice. I’ve also been doing strengthening exercises and modifying my workouts. Two examples: I bought a wrist strap which lets me do band curls without gripping. I also have another strap that lets me do pull ups without using my full grip.

By December I expect to integrate a walker into my routine.

Unrelated: Looks like Anderson Silva is making fun of our beloved Steven Seagal. You can read all about it and see the video here.


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  1. Tater says:

    I went deep diving in all the links and just love his Aikido demo in Russia. He’s just so smooth that I don’t think people understand the underlying skill he’s got. They just fall back on “that the other guys are faking it”. Which is really too bad.


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