187.2 pounds

The last two weeks at work have gone something like this!

Game over, man! We’re fucked!

This added stress has led to three pizza binges and me missing a few days of P90X3. This week I was able to get back on my diet and 6-day P90X3 routine. So far, so good.

I weighed in today at 187.2 pounds. This means that despite my minor binge I still lost almost 2 more pounds. After this week’s P90X3 cycle completes I have two more weeks to go. At that point I’ll have completed the full 90 day cycle.

Will I meet my secondary target weight of 185 pounds? Maybe.

Next week is fall break. I am taking a few days off to drive back to Nebraska and check in on dear ol’ mom. Any visit back home involves copious amounts of alcohol for me to mentally survive. I suspect that this will impact my weight loss. In addition, between the drive and visit I’ll be out five days. I’ve planned for two hotel treadmill runs but past that I’m giving the body time to heal. I’m hoping the runs will balance out the booze.

The broke list:

  1. Right shoulder. Those star fish push-ups strained something and I’ve avoided doing them for over a full week. The shoulder is getting better so I figure that another week off will give it time to heal.
  2. My goddamn tennis elbow (aka medial epicondylitis) has returned again in my right arm. Last January through April I had a severe bought. If I rated it on a scale of 1-10 it was definitely a 10. I tried everything the doctor suggested but nothing made it better. Finally he tried a “hail Mary” cortisone shot and within two days everything cleared up.

The good news? This time it’s at about a 4. I’m self-treating with anti-inflammatory meds and ice. With luck a total week off will help it heal. If not, well, I guess at some point I’ll have to go back to the doctor.

Only time will tell.


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5 Responses to 187.2 pounds

  1. potatoefist says:

    Oh man am I consumed with jealousy! I got on the scale at 202 this morning and that’s after not drinking all week. Groan.


  2. DR says:

    Perscription for both you and Mom:
    One part vodka
    Two parts medical marijuana
    There, everybody’s happy now.

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