Alternate title: how I hurt my right shoulder

On Saturday I started week 10 of the P90x3 “classic” routine.

The good: Today I weighed in at 189 pounds. This means that since starting a serious diet and exercise program I’ve lost 21 fatty pounds. I checked my blood pressure last night and it’s finally back in the normal range! For about five years I’ve been stuck in the pre-high blood pressure range. I’ll check it again next week and hope it continues to hold. I really do not want to take bp meds if I can avoid it. So far, so good. Overall this is my best bp in five years and my best body weight in five years. 🙂

The mediocre: avoiding junk food and reducing booze is making me a tad crabby. And by reducing booze I mean 1 beer a week! Oh the HUMANITY! Will my liver EVER forgive me?

The bad: My right shoulder started giving me grief when doing starfish push-ups. Saturday it went from grief to full-on pain. Until it’s better I’m either nixing or modifying the side plank routines in p90x3.

MMX Workout

I’ve meant to blog about the p90x3 MMX workout. Since this workout was in today’s rotation I’ll cover it now. MMX is a MMA punch, kick, and sprawl routine. Will it make you a deadly MMA fighter? Probably not. However, if you have experience in the striking arts there’s a lot you can do with it.

Since I have a taekwondo, kung fu, and boxing history I altered some of the sequence combinations to fit with my core strikes:

  • Round house kick
  • Inside crescent
  • Stop kick
  • Shuffle side kick and chambered side kick
  • Jab, hook, & uppercut
  • Downward chambered palm strike
  • Various elbows (tkd, wing chun, & MMA)

This routine has a few versions of the front snap kick which I kept. It also peppers the routine with the superman punch. Since I’m using this routine to shake the rust off my old neural pathways I totally ditched the superman punch. Yes, I’ve seen it work in MMA. However I probably stand to gain more by re-polishing that which I already know than I do by trying to become Superman. Also philosophically I don’t like the total commitment that the superman punch makes you make. i.e. it’s sorta like a hay-maker IMO. You could knock someone’s block off but it also comes with a fair amount of telegraphing.

Let’s close with some jackass teaching the superman punch.




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3 Responses to P90X3 MMX

  1. potatoefist says:

    I managed to get down to 198.4 this morning, but dint of diarrhea and a small dinner. Success at last!

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  2. Tater says:

    It’s not worth it. I’m off the sauce the week in hopes that it’ll do the same. So far the overeating is keeping things the same. Sigh.


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