Violence never solved anything?


Last week I weighed 189.5. This week I weigh 189.3. The weight loss is still occurring but at a slower pace. This is due to increasing my protein intake via shakes and adding pre-workout creatine drinks. I’ve also added two food cheat days but I still am avoiding alcohol and limiting my portions. At age 48 exercise, diet, and limiting portions is the key. Gone are the days of eating and drinking like a Viking and then exercising it off!

p90X3 Observations

  • Do I think it’s a good program? Yes.
  • Will you look like Tony Horton and his cast of DVD regulars? Maybe. I do think that genetics and age also play a factor. Yes, Tony is over 50, but he’s being doing this for decades and probably has good genes.
  • Would it fit with martial arts? Definitely. IMO it’s better than pure weight training and running. It’s a varied total body workout that includes stretching. It’s also reminiscent of beginning exercises that I’ve seen in taekwondo, kung fu, etc. It’s definitely reminiscent of what I’ve seen the Shaolin folks do.
  • Listen to the DVD! I did half the program in running shoes which is a no-no. I recently switched to cross-trainers and ankle, knee, and hip aches are now almost nil.
  • Will you lose weight? Absolutely. Stick with the program and a sensible diet and I can guarantee it.
  • Could you gain the weight back? Absolutely! You’ll need to continue regular exercise and watch what you eat.
  • Injuries? Mild strain in my right shoulder from these. Past that I’m holding up pretty darn good.

Wing Chun & Martial Arts

My wing chun distraction is going well. The DVD which includes form and applications gives me something to informally play with. Also the Siu Nim Tao form is great moving meditation. If anything I’m keeping myself in the game for the last move. Spring 2016 I will start to look informally for director jobs. Spring 2017 I will pursue it aggressively. If I’m lucky I’ll land at a bigger college or university that has martial arts. Martial arts at a college would cost me next to nothing. We shall see…

Asshole Gets Put Down!

Karma is a bitch. Some asshole picks a fight with a blind kid. Another teen steps in and sucker punches the jerk!


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  1. potatoefist says:

    So the fight video. The kid with visual impairment picked the fight with guy and the VIK’s buddy did the blind side shot. Nobody won.


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