Week 9, Block 3





On Saturday I started Week 9, Block 3 of P90X3. If you click on the above image you’ll see a little more explanation of what that means. I’m hovering at 189.5 pounds and so far I am pleased. Since regulating portions, reducing junk food, reducing the booze, and increasing my overall protein intake I’ve lost 20 pounds.

So far, so good!

My last weight goal is 180 – 185 pounds and that’s where I’d like to stay. I may not get there during the last five weeks and that’s okay too. After I’m through with the Classic cycle I’m going to start the Mass schedule and see what that does. I’ve also increased my protein intake and added creatine as a pre-workout drink. Those few extra calories will likely slow things down too.

Kung Fu

I have finished re-learning all the steps to Siu Nim Tao. I now move into the refinement stages. In December/January I’ll see where my confidence is. If I’m feeling froggy I may video myself doing the form and send it off to the DVD’s instructor for feedback.

As I said in an earlier post, there is variance in how this form is taught. It’s different from what I was once taught and it’s also different from the Ip Man classical lineage. Just slight nuances that are not worth getting your panties all in a wad over. Unless, that is, you are a purist.

Let’s close with a silent example of the form!


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  1. potatoefist says:

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I attended a Wing Chun school way back in 82 I think. I only learned one form and that was it! What a rush of memories! Probably the only difference I can recall is that our arms always had to rub/make contact, so my forearms were always baby smooth from friction burns!

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