Starting week 8


Last week I had two bad diet days and missed two workouts. Despite this I weighed in at 189.5 which means I still managed to drop half a pound.

This week starts week 8 which is another transition week. Transition weeks have more stretching, yoga, etc. and are lighter on the physical exercise. I think that this ties into the “muscle confusion” concept which will translate into again being sore next week when I pick back up on the last 4 week block.

At some point I’ll summarize my overall thoughts. Right now I’m tired so I won’t say anything more than I like how balanced P90X3 is.

Kung Fu

I’ve been able to carve out a little more time so I’ve dug in deeper on Siu Lim Tao. Of course, like ANY martial art, there is variation on how schools teach the first form. If you are totally bored you can check three videos here and see different nuances.

The DVD course that I purchased breaks the first form down into 9 segments. In the 9 segments 1-3 practical applications are demonstrated. Much like my old taekwondo self-defense steps, I’ve taken to turning these into mini katas. I’ve also “borrowed” the missus on the rare occasion when something does not make sense.

This weekend on one of the 9 the notion of clearing came up. This is a concept that I saw in my Mantis days. Also, much like flavors of karate, taekwondo, and tang soo do share core concepts, this concept is something that you see across many styles of kung fu.

Loosely described: During the course of a strike/block exchange your attacker grabs one of your arms. Clearing is using leverage in the grabbed arm while simultaneously using your free hand to “clear” i.e. break the grip. So it’s a combination of basic grip breaking leverage techniques combined with the free hand assisting the grip break. At least that’s how I will describe it tired.

Anyhow, I saw clearing in Mantis forms and our Mantis two-person sets. It also lives in Wing Chun. Suffice to say that one of the practical applications made good sense while the other did not. To test both I carted out the missus. On the first I easily “cleared” her grip while on the other I struggled. If I can’t break the grip of an untrained wife there is one of two possibilities: Either I’m doing it wrong or the technique is shit.

News at 11.


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4 Responses to Starting week 8

  1. potatoefist says:

    I continue to hover at 200lbs while you progress in you waning weight. Construction at the house continues to be a priority and leaves no room for anything but morning kata. Congrats anyway!


  2. DR says:

    From my experiance it is much harder to break a grip on your arm if you are stationary. Try introducing motion as the Aiki/Aikido people do. Once your body is in motion there are way more dynamics involved.


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