Steven Seagal: he’s whatever he wants to be


seagal putinSeagal-san continues to make news in Russia. This time he’s on a junket to evaluate a major diamond producer.

Seagal is on a four-day tour of the vast republic, which hosts the world’s coldest city, Yakutsk, and will visit Alrosa’s diamond mines, a diamond sorting center and a processing plant.

While on tour someone videoed our beloved gas giant. In the video Seagal states that he is now a Russian Mongol. Um, well, that’s partially true…

In one interview with a Russian outlet, Steven stated that he had a Mongolian grandfather, who was either of Kalmyk or Buryat descent. This statement is not accurate. Steven’s grandfather was a Yiddish-speaking Russian Jewish immigrant.


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  1. DR says:

    Wonder how many diamonds Seagal can smuggle out in his ass crack…


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