Fell off the wagon but not in the creek

This past week was Return Week at the college. Since I put in hours last weekend and 16 hours on Monday I was a tad fried. Also, owing to “Return Week” stress, the diet and exercise went to hell on me.

Diet Fail

Takeout Chinese food, pizza, one milkshake and two big ol’ glasses of wine.

Exercise Fail

Hit P90X-3 only twice. Worked in the upper body routine one day and the lower body routine on another. Despite that I missed 4 days of week 5 so I plan to start week 5 over starting today.

I’m not even getting back on the scale until I complete week 5!

Owing to house painting and work my kung fu plan is also on hold.

Return of the Fisherman

I’ve been hearing good reports about the river. Since I had comp time I took Friday off and went fishing.

(click photos to enlarge)

The first spot I went was below Dam A. My lucky Dam A spot has 100 yards of fishable shore that goes up to the outflow. The water here is deep, fast, and full of snags. Also the conditions keep the fly fishermen out. I had a harder time fishing it due to the higher outflow but still managed to lose one fish and land the top right fish.

Hack tip #1: Clip the trailing treble hooks on your lures, spoons and spinners. Doing this reduces snags and is also easier on the trout if you catch and release like I do!

The second spot I went to we’ll call Dam B. This smaller dam is about two miles downstream from Dam A. Without waders it only has three spots that are fishable from the shore. It also has a camp ground directly next to it which is the main reason I avoid it. Given it was a Friday only 5 guys were there — three fly fisherman and two shore guys.

IMG_1071The outflow is to my left. You can see where the fly fishermen are loading up. If I had brought waders I’d have wanted to be where they are. Instead I was retrieving lures against the current which probably looked odd to the trout. Still I was able to land one (top left) by casting between the closest two fly guys.

On the drive back to town from Dam B there are at least five river access spots. Four of these are for the float boats to get in and out of the river. Spot number five is 20 miles downstream from Dam B. It has about 100 yards of fishable shoreline and triple that if you bring waders. The locals say that it used to be a prime brown trout stretch. Part of this stretch narrows and deepens making it treacherous to fish.

Half the time on my way into town I stop and throw lures. I keep thinking: yeah it’s full of snags and vegetation but maybe I’ll land a whopper. This is what always happens!


Since we are moving into fall I’m going to try and get out each weekend. The rainbows will be pretty good until the river ices up. Also, in October the browns start spawning which makes for good fishing. There is one stretch of river near Dam A that is good for browns. For this spot I’m trying my leg waders. In fact, over Labor Day weekend I’m going to test fish it so I get used to the waders.

There is a second spot that’s at least a 2.5 hour drive. It quite literally is a blue ribbon trout fishery. Folks come from across the country to fish it including Dick Cheney. It has lunker rainbows and lunker brown trout. If I do fish it this year I’ll have to invest in a map and do some careful planning.


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  1. potatoefist says:

    If you get to fish with Dick Cheney please make sure you take a first aid kit. He’ll probably trouble hook you.


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