5 days & 3.2 pounds!

fuck yeah!

Yes, I was naked.

Tonight after my evening P90X3 workout I weighed myself. I damn near fell off the scale when I saw the number! 190 pounds which is my first weight loss goal. I was so shocked that I checked my weight three more times! Yep — 190 motherbleepin’ pounds! The scale is not broken and I hit my first goal WAY ahead of schedule.

Between the spring “old school” weights/running plan, my transition to P90X3, and a sensible diet I’ve lost 20 pounds in about 4 months. I’ve dropped one full belt size and can now fit into my interview suits once again. I’m also noticing less aches in my knees which is good. I now weigh what I weighed three years ago when we moved here for my director job.

In honor of this milestone, here’s is a list of nine things that weigh 20 pounds!

  1. Donald Trump’s hair
  2. A toddler
  3. KitchenAid Mixer
  4. Car Tire
  5. Medium-sized bag of dog food
  6. Two bags of sugar
  7. Kim Kardashian’s breasts
  8. 2 gallons of water
  9. 4 large Rainbow Trout

That’s 3.2 pounds in almost a week! Week number five of P90X3 must have activated my 48-year-old metabolic hyperdrive. Granted, this might be more poundage than I want to lose in a week but I’ll take it. I’m at the end of 5 weeks and have another 8 weeks to go. For sure I may have to up my caloric intake by one daily protein smoothie.

My next and last weight loss goal is in the 180 – 185 pound range. When I get there I plan to play around with my caloric intake so I hold in that range. After I make it through the first 90 days of the “classic” program I plan to try the mass/muscle gain program for the next 90 day cycle.

As for Tony Horton, well, he’s a dork but that sumbitch knows what he’s doing!


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  1. potatoefist says:

    Does a sensible diet mean no alcohol or just one drink now and then?


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