Week 4: Transition

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Today ended week 4 of P90X-3. Week 4 is the transition week of block one. Saturday I’ll start block 2, week 5. Aside from the yoga, block 2 looks like completely new stuff. Week 4 was definitely less intense. It was mainly stretching and isometrics with a dash of cardio thrown in for good measure. My last weigh-in was 193.6. Today I weighed in at 193.2. I still lost weight but not as fast as the previous weeks. Despite this, I’m fairly confident that by the time I finish the next block I’ll have hit 190 lbs.

Sticking to the exercise schedule is not the challenge. Over the years I’ve rotated through distance running, weight training, and martial arts. Since my 20’s each decade has brought something new. It took two different runs and almost 5 combined years to get my black belt so 30 minutes a day should be cake!

The killer is the diet.

I’ve followed the X-3 calorie guide and limited myself to healthy proteins, carbs, and veggies. The worst part is limiting the portions. Also, seeing the junk food ads on TV is a killer. I do allow for Saturday as a cheat day and Sunday as a smaller cheat day. Still, I literally went to bed a few times thinking about double cheeseburgers, burritos, and pizza. Damn.

Kung Fu

I had high hopes of two serious kung fu workouts each week and another two days of forms after the X-3 workout. Given that the school year and stress is picking back up this has degraded into one serious kung fu workout and two quick forms reviews. Oh well. I guess I’m that guy who half-ass plays the guitar but can’t let it go.


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  1. Tater says:

    Again, congrats on the weight loss. Jerry Byrd looks like Hannibal Lector.


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