So far P90X-3 is designed around three week blocks and one week transitions. I surmise that the transition week is designed to confuse your muscles and also give the body time to recuperate.

I’m on transition week.

Highlights so far include what I would describe as an isometric yoga day and an insane cardio day. For the TMA folks think standing in horse stance for 5 minutes. Now take that metaphor to 20+ full-body exercises over 30 minutes. Due to my questionable flexibility I was grunting, groaning, and cussing through the entire 30 minutes. I also broke a sweat five minutes into the routine. Good stuff but not my favorite routine!

Yesterday was a kicked up cardio day that used my body and gravity. 13 minutes in and I counted 10 exercises — definitely fast-paced! At the halfway mark I was sweating like crazy. I also got pretty winded near the end, could not fully keep up, and found myself pausing.

Observable themes:

  • Lots of side and front-type planking exercises
  • Lots of upper and lower body plyometric moves (more lower than upper)
  • Lots of lateral movement leg routines
  • Overall rotation through various types of exercise training
  • Pretty much all muscle groups are hit within a week cycle

For sure I plan to cancel my gym membership. How I go about doing that is complicated. I live in a larger small town where most everyone still knows everyone. My gym recently moved. As a consequence of the slightly smaller space the gym lost members. I can already foresee an uncomfortable conversion with a very nice husband and wife owner who are trying to keep members.


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  1. potatoefist says:

    I’m happy that this is meeting your needs and continues to be a challenge. Bummer about the little gym. I went to the same for years in my last location. I miss the social networking most of all.


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