P90X-3 at Zero Dark Thirty

If I do not exemplify a “fit housewife” then I don’t know who does.

P90X-3 Updates

My academic calendar is starting to book up fast. The last three years this has been a problem with my regularly scheduled exercise. This is also one of the reasons I decided to give the 30-minute P90X-3 workout program a try.

So far, so good.

Tonight I have an evening commitment that will suck my soul so I decided to get up at zero dark thirty to complete my 30-minute workout. After the workout I weighed in at 193.6. Last week I was at 195.4 — another 1.8 pounds lost!

Historically I HATE early morning workouts. My energy peaks are late mornings through late afternoons. I still plan on exercising after work during the week or during late mornings on the weekend. I’m keeping the early morning plan in my back pocket if I have late day conflicts. As I roll into the college year those late day conflicts become more frequent. We’ll see if my motivation holds

I’m not sure how I’ll look at the end of the first 90 days. I am confident that I’m going to make my target weights. I also have to agree with the 30-minute workout philosophy. Ol’ Tony Horton moves you through 30-minutes of fast-paced and varied exercises. Even if I come into the routine grumpy and pressed for time, I’ve found that once I get 15 minutes into the sequence I’m warmed up and most of my grumpiness is gone. Also, psychologically, after 15 minutes the darn thing is half over which seems to help my motivation!

Other Stuff

Fishing has been on hold. Spring was mostly a bust due to all the rain. By the time the rivers and lakes normalized we were into the heat. Generally speaking when the water temperature gets over 72 degrees it will stress trout. Catching them, taking them out of the water, and releasing them adds stress and usually kills them. Thanks to the global warming that Republicans say isn’t happening, Game and Fish sent out warnings about the water temperature and catch-and-release. The message: if you are into catch-and-release do it early in the morning or late in the evening.

Parts of Colorado and Wyoming are cooking while the Pacific Northwest is a cinder. So most likely I’ll wait until things get closer to September and cool. If time permits I may get out early one of these days and give it go.

This past December we had no choice but to buy a home. We have a new build that’s as far West on the edge of town as one can be. It’s in a new development that’s still expanding. The builds in this area follow a color theme: e.g., the green house uses shades of green on the outside and on the inside of the home. We purchased the brown model which means dark brown carpet/wood flooring and medium beige paint on the walls and ceilings. Consequently this color scheme sucks light out of any given room.

After bumping into things, knocking a glass off the counter, and having trouble reading I’ve grudgingly given into re-painting the ceilings a lighter shade of beige. Doing this will brighten spaces. The downside is that I HATE painting. We also will likely move in a few years and sell so I did not want to put much physical labor into the home. Upside? I’m only going to paint the main floor living area and our upstairs master bedroom. These are the two spaces we spend the most time in.

Given that my weekend is booked with painting fun I probably won’t blog.



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  1. potatoefist says:

    I’ve got to admit that I’m jealous of your progress. My workouts all feel very micro so I understand your trepidations around a 30 minute cycle. However, you are obviously moving forward while I’m stuck at 200.


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