P90X-3 Update

Upon returning from vacation I spackled together a few X-3 workouts to tide me over until Saturday. On Saturday I started week #2 which is a six day rotation that will end this coming Thursday. Prior to vacation my last weigh-in had me at 197.2. I weighed myself this morning and checked in at 195.4 — another 1.8 pounds lost.

The X-3 kit comes with diet advice. Thumbing through the book last night I decided to run myself through their daily calorie calculator. Based on their calculator I need to be on the 2,400 calories per-day plan. I was about 500 calories lower than they suggest and this may also explain the drastic weight drops. So I’ve added in a protein shake and a snack to get me up to where they suggest is healthy. I already know that I’m going to hit my first target which is 190 pounds. After that my next goal is 185. I think that I’ll easily make 185 by the end of the 90 days. That will be 25 glorious pounds lost if all goes to plan! To those of you just catching up: I started an old-school weights/run plan about 3 months prior to X-3. This plan helped me lose the first 10lbs.

Wing Chun

I continue to chip away at Sil Lim Tau and the basics. Nothing much to report here.

I also started to read The Tao of Wing Chun by Danny Xuan and John Little. So far it is an excellent book. I’m a few chapters in and here are a few takeaways:

  • Historically a lot of Chinese fighting styles have been lost. This is due to the private and secretive nature of Chinese Kung Fu masters. Some masters never found a worthy disciple and took their secret to the grave Also many masters fell to Communism.
  • Ip Man fled to Hong Kong to escape Communism. As such he was one master whose art was allowed to live on.
  • There are many bastardized version of Wing Chun in existence today. Consequently, many want to claim “true lineage” back to the originator. Since they never got the official nod from Ip Man many have invented their own origin stories.
  • Ip Man taught the abbess Ng Mui as the originator. While the story is totally oral tradition, this version seems to be the likely explanation.
  • The Wing Chun forms were specifically designed to look weak. Doing so hid the techniques from unwelcomed eyes.
  • As I suspected, the Ip Man movies with Donnie Yen are bullshit — both historically and also from a pure Win Chun perspective.

That last point having been noted, the now-famous “1 vs. 10” fight scene is one of the coolest to come along in a while!


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