Back from vacation

Bob Patterson abroad!

I make this shirt look good!

We just returned from a week-long vacation in Utah. Vacation activities included:

  • Various hikes at Zion National Park
  • Best Friends Animal Society (tour and volunteered)
  • Various hikes at Bryce Canyon
  • North rim of the Grand Canyon (short hike and mule ride)
  • Boat ride on Lake Powell and tour of the dam (IMO, basically a man-made lake in the middle of Hell)
  • ATV ride to a slot canyon followed by a hike into the slot canyon

The above photo was taken on Weeping Rock alcove at Zion National Park. The backdrop is so fantastic that it almost looks Photoshopped! Long story short: it was a much-needed vacation for the both of us!

P90X-3 Update

Aside from the hiking I did zero exercise while on vacation. I also ate some bad food and I suspect that I gained a pound or two back. Since we returned late Monday night I could not pick back up on the 6-day P90X-3 cycle. So this week I’m piecing together parts from Block One. Next week I will “officially” start week 2 and then cycle through to the 90 day completion in October. The DVD’s promise that at the end of 90 days I’ll look like goddamn Tony Horton so I can’t wait…

“If only I was as handsome as Bob Patterson. If only…”

Wing Chun: DUH plan

I’m aware of a few martial arts bloggers who have done distance martial arts training via the interwebs or via DVDs. Cook Ding is one example.

During my Praying Mantis/Chin Na days we had one student who had studied Wing Chun and another student from China who had studied Yang tai chi. Sifu would grudgingly let them both work with interested students after the formal classes were done. Consequently I’ve dabbled in Wing Chun and always had wanted to return to it.

There are several instructors who offer forms of interweb martial arts training in Wing Chun–some reputable and some who are obvious cranks. Since I still have martial guilt and limited options locally, I decided to give one of these online training programs a try. I paid to download the introductory lessons on my i-Pad. Included is:

  • Basic punching/kicking drills
  • Basic blocking drills
  • Basic movement while doing the above
  • Basic applications of the above (which fits nicely with my mook jong)
  • Introduction to the first form, Siu Lim Tao

Most of this I’ve been introduced to at the basic level. Since my martial arts skills have degraded so badly this at least gives me an opportunity to get myself back to a level of mediocrity. If I progress far enough this particular program includes (for a price!) the option to video myself and get feedback on the form and basic techniques.

We shall see.

Right now I’ve tacked on two Kung Fu days AFTER two of the P90X-3 days. An X-3 workout takes 30 minutes to compete. Added to that is another 45 minutes of working through Wing Chun basics and the form. If I feel really froggy I’ve added a third short day where I review just the form.

I’m still fairly skeptical of learning martial arts from a DVD or via online downloads. Also without a partner the application of technique is limited and I can’t do any chi sau. I cautiously think that I can keep my foot in the game until the fates land me in a city with better martial arts choices.

Let us close with one example of the first form:



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  1. potatoefist says:

    Fun fact; I thought your photo said, “I make this shit look good.” I thought to myself Bob is really getting loose on the web. Then I read it again. Sigh.

    Fun fact; My second foray into the martial arts was Wing Chun. It was great to see this form again. I had actually forgotten there was a form! I just remembered the bruises. Haha!

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