Bob Patterson gets Ebola

About three days after returning from the San Francisco hell trip I ended up with a nasty case of the summer flu. Five days of solid bad and two of those were missed work days.

My good doctor postulates that I got the flu on the plane or at the conference. Apparently it’s flu season in the southern hemisphere. Any exposure to international travelers; and, well, you know…

Speaking of San Francisco….

So you’ve got about the same number of homeless people passed out, peeing and pooping in the crowded city.

San Francisco is such a beautiful city. Why do we let people poop all over it?

Upcoming posts?

  • P90X3
  • Wing Chun

We’ll see how the weekend and flu remnants go…


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2 Responses to Bob Patterson gets Ebola

  1. DR says:

    Bob went to fly,
    Then Bob flew.
    Bob threw up,
    ‘Cause Bob got the flu.


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