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Middle of Nowhere

Middle of Nowhere

Fishing was a bust. The only consolation was snapping the above photo at the lake. Considering all the driving, walking, and general fishing calamities I’m not sure how much of a consolation it really is.

I spent about an hour at the Top Secret brown trout spot on the river. No luck. I tried spoons, spinners, and Kastmasters. I tried them high and I added a small slip weight and also tried them low.


The lake was even worse. Compared to last year I estimate losing 50 – 75 feet of shore line due to all the rain. The water is ridiculously high. What used to be hundreds of yards of fishable shore is now segmented into little pocket-type coves.

IMG_0793It’s hard to tell from this angle; however, this is one of those pocket-type coves. It’s probably a 100 foot drop that I mostly slid down. Worse still, I damn near was unable to get my fat ass back up! Also note where the water meets the cliff edges. The only way around to the next cove is to wade out or climb back up.

Another angle on one of these coves:



And fishing on the point was stink-o! I estimated 25 campers on the point. A few were fishing the only good accessible spots on the windward side of the point, while the majority were staked out on the leeward side. I talked to three different groups and nobody was catching fish.

Over the summer I still plan to hit my lucky dam spot and there is also a huge stretch of shallow river that comes off the lake that’s also productive. This shallow river run is only fishable with waders and has a good population of rainbows and browns. I’ve never fished it but I now have waders. 🙂

I’m done with the lake for at least a month. Maybe by then the water levels will drop. Right now fishing it is an exercise in frustration. There is one spot on the river that runs through the middle of the town. It’s near the old pump house and has a series of three waterfall-type runs. Apparently this is yet another under-fished brown trout spot. I can fish it with minimal driving, walking, and frustration. At least if I get skunked it will not be as painful and the safari out of town.

Operation Fatty

Last week I weighed in at 202.5. Today I weighed in at 201.8. I was hoping for more but I’ll take it. The only way I can survive my mother’s yearly visit is a with a healthy dose of booze. As such, I’m pleased I lost any weight at all last week!

190 here I come.


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