Government Plasma Balls & Other Updates

Click to enlarge -- deer at the top.

Click to enlarge — mule deer at the top.

I’m behind on my weekly post so here goes!

Despite my mother’s visit I was able to sneak out twice early in the morning and do some fishing. The above photo was taken on day two as I drove into the lake. Smack in the middle of the road was a female mule deer. By the time I stopped and fumbled with my iPhone she started to head up the ridge and into the sunlight. If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you will see the deer. You will also see a strange plasma ball. Several possibilities for that ball:

  • Secret government spy drone sent to reconnoiter the state in preparation for the Operation Jade Helm 2015™ invasion
  • Alien UFO plasma ball
  • Dust on the lens

The Truth IS out there so I’ll let ya’ll decide! 😉

Fishing report, in reverse, starting with day two: The rain continued and the water is now 15′ higher at the lake than last year. I had planned on testing my carp bait but the attempt turned into a debacle. In chronological order:

  1. Due to high water the shoreline topography has totally changed; spent first hour trying to find fishable spot
  2. Found spot with shallow beach and deeper water on the edge; saw carp in shallows
  3. Attempt to put carp bait on hook and realize I made it too dry; cuss as bait crumbles
  4. Switch to treble hook which somewhat holds bait
  5. Had one solid bite but suspect bait disintegrated before I could set hook
  6. Trout fishing on second rod in the deeps was a total bust
  7. At 9 AM wind came up on the point and made if unfishable

Day One Fishing

On day one I tested my leg waders and chest pack in the river. Bear in mind that I am not fly fishing. Rather, I am using my new bait caster reel with spoons, spinners, and Kastmasters.

IMG_0777I have mastered the new reel enough to not backlash it. I’m still working on casting accuracy but that will come with practice. As for the leg waders, well, they work swimmingly. They are not as high up as chest waders so I do have to watch where I step. Proof of concept established: I can wade the river, cast lures, change-up lures, and so far not drown myself!

Photo taken from rock in the middle of the river

Photo taken from standing on rock in the middle of the river via my “El Cheapo” Vivitar Camera

This particular section of the river is closer to town and stained badly from all the rain. It was a bust but I did prove that I can avoid drowning. After this section I moved about 10 miles upstream to a spot near a dam that had clear water. Here I landed a 17″ rainbow trout on a chartreuse Kastmaster so the day was not a bust!

IMG_0788_troutIncidentally this was the first fish ever caught on the new reel so I got two words for you: Skunk off!

Tomorrow morning I am headed back out to the lake. I have reconstituted the home-made carp bait into dough bait. I also bought some treble hooks that are designed to hold dough bait. Before I hit the carp spot I’m hitting a spot on the river that’s supposed to have brown trout. I am planning on an hour at the river with lures and then several hours at the lake with bait for both carp and trout.

Operation Fatty

Two weeks ago I weighed in at 204.6lbs. Last week I had dropped to 202.5lbs! This Sunday I’ll weigh in again and see where I’m at. I am now running 2 miles any day that is not a gym or kettle bell day. Six days exercise total with one day off. I’m starting to tweak my diet and if this is successful I’ll let you know.

190lbs is my first goal — so far, so good!


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