Slap Kune Do

I’m a year late to the game.

Line forms to the left for jokes.


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3 Responses to Slap Kune Do

  1. potatoefist says:

    Man! Where to start? Sissy slap fighting as an art? A few of the young fellows even had the “lean way back” going on. That being said I always get hurt when joking around with the sissy slap fight. Maybe they have something after all.


  2. DR says:

    Man! Steven Seagal would never stand a chance against those guys. c’mon, he was in Russia, right on their turf. I bet they hunt Seagal down and tear him like they did that sheet of paper.
    BTW, I think Seagal was wearing a diaper under his gi in that last video, just in case, you know…


  3. LOL! First, you are correct, sir. They could take the Bloated One. It’s sad how far Seagal-san’s skills have degraded. Second diaper AND a girdle!


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