Homemade Carp Bolies

Today I did the “Bob Patterson” version of this bolie recipe. If the darn stuff actually works and I catch carp, I may tell you how I varied the recipe — or not.

1. Mix the “secret ingredients” and role into a ginormous ball of dough.

Big ball of dough!

Big ball of dough!

2. Roll into small balls then boil in water for 2 minutes.

Beer optional

Beer optional

3. Boil the balls and let cool for an hour or so.


A cornucopia of balls!

4. Bag the balls and freeze.


Too many balls!

Did I say BALLS?

Me Madre is visiting next week so I should be able to sneak out a few times and go fishing.

Stay tuned!


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I'm a naughty Vampire God!
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2 Responses to Homemade Carp Bolies

  1. potatoefist says:

    I’m not sure how your Mom visiting is going to allow you to go fishing. When my parents visited the only escape I had was to mow the lawn.


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