Operation Carp: Mission 1

This is not a carp. It is a trout.

I went out this morning and tried my strawberry jello and corn concoction. As shown by the 18 incher, the trout apparently dig it. Not so much for the carp. Looks like I need to work on my camera skills too because I cut the poor buggers head off! 🙂

Before (emphasis on before!) the wind came up I did see a few carp cruising Wolf Point. However, we’ve had so much rain that the water line was up at least 6′ from last week. This meant that all the sandbars and coves that I usually fish were under water.

This also affected Operation Carp in a negative way. The carp cruise the shallows near the sandbars. This is because the water heats up near the shallows and makes the carp active. What carp I did see cruising looked lost and it was about impossible to target them. I was so desperate that I hiked to the treacherous end of Wolf Point.

IMG_0745 IMG_0746Things were worse at this end. Here the shore drops off and the water gets deep. Despite the jaunt I did not get a single bite at this end. Where the point widens at the other end I caught the above trout. I also had two more solid bites — both on the corn connection. I had a second pole active and baited it with worm and power bait. I had a few nibbles but nothing wanted to commit.

By the time I got back to where my sandbars and coves used to be the wind came up. You can see how the waves were stirring up the silt from the now underwater sandbars. Essentially unfishable!

IMG_0748I did try the leeward side of the point but had no luck. I also went to a different spot on the lake known as Bishop Point. It here where the local fly fisherman will fly fish for carp. It is another huge stretch of the lake that I have not explored. By the time I got there I was getting tired and cranky. Also, the wind was impacting this side of the lake as well. Long story short: I spent about an hour on a shallow inlet and caught nothing but moss and other debris that was being pushed in by the wind.

Captain Ahab (minus the boat)

Yes, as every one knows, meditation and water are wedded for ever. –Mobby-Dick

The new plan: Head back next Saturday morning with some homemade bolies. What, pray tell, are bolies you ask?

Boilies are paste or dough boiled to use as fishing bait.

I’ve never made bolies before so we’ll see how this goes.

Operation Fatty

I made it through week 1 of “the plan.”

Day 1: Upper body weights & stair elliptical
Day 2: Kettle bell, calisthenics, kick/punch, and stretching
Day 3: Lower body weights & elliptical
Day 4: Run 3 miles
Day 5: Run 2 miles
Day 6: Run 2 miles or stationary bike for 20 minutes
Day 7: Alcohol therapy

Day 2 falls on Monday. Consequently I choked on the kettle bell routine because it is painful and work was shitty. I did, however, ride my stationary bike for 20 minutes.

The new plan:

Saturday: Run 2 miles
Sunday: Kettle bell, calisthenics, kick/punch, mook jong, and stretching (and alcohol therapy)
Monday: Upper body weights & elliptical
Tuesday: Run 2 miles
Wednesday: Lower body weights
Thursday: Run 2 miles or stationary bike for 20 minutes
Friday: Off

Note that I moved the KB routine to Sunday. I should have enough energy on Sunday mornings to knock out the grueling routine. I also decided to stagger the runs to give my knees and legs some recovery time.

The weigh in:

  • Six days ago — 205.4 lbs
  • Today — 204.6 lbs

I had hoped for more but I’ll take it.

Until next week!


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