Biblical rain in the middle of damn nowhere!


Looking up from the lake shore

In no particular order…

I took Friday off so I could enjoy a 4-day weekend. The missus headed down to Denver to shop. Unfortunately I stayed back to nurse a sick cat that’s in the last stages of a liver affliction. Long depressing story short: He’s got a feeding tube and is on a regimen of meds and probably has weeks left to live.


I had planned to get out at least twice this weekend. Given the wrath-of-God level rainstorms it was challenge, but out I got! With all the heavy rains the lake was not productive but it gave me the chance to snap a pretty cool nature photo with my iPhone.

The river was even worse. I have this “lucky spot” that’s a 300 yd stretch of dam outflow from a smaller lake. This stretch is deep, fast, and keeps the fly fisherman away. It has a good population of rainbow trout and also has the occasional brown trout. On a bad day it takes me an hour to fish the stretch before declaring it a bust. On a good day, when the fish are biting, I can spend three or more hours here.

IMG_0723 IMG_0724

The heavy rains are flushing everything into the river and essentially making it unfishable. My lucky spot was the only section of the river that did not look like chocolate milk. However, with all the low pressure fronts and heavy rains, the trout where not biting.

Exercise & Injuries

That torn tendon in my elbow remains healed. I now do weekly grip-strengthening exercises and have made both computer keyboards “ergonomic.” I have to admit that the injury scared me. You don’t realize how much you use your hand until you can’t! That injury affected everything from putting groceries away to hobbies like fishing. Anyhow, it’s healed and I plan to keep it that way.

Operation Fatty

The usual story: work stress, age, and the wrist injury led me down the path of little exercise, booze, and junk food. My latest plan is to do “some damn thing” at least six times each week:

Day 1: Upper body weights & stair stepper
Day 2: Kettle bell, calisthenics, kick/punch, and stretching
Day 3: Lower body weights & elliptical
Day 4: Run 3 miles
Day 5: Run 2 miles
Day 6: Run 2 miles or stationary bike for 20 minutes
Day 7: Alcohol therapy

If the day is “work shitty” and my motivation is lacking I have promised myself to at least run or use the stationary bike! I’ll talk to ya’ll at the end of June to let you know if I kept up the routine or if I wimped out once again.

As for running, well, back in the day I used to log 20 or more miles in a week. Now running is ugly. Since moving here I did work myself back up to 2 miles but we’re talking over 10 minute miles which is beyond sad. Again, talk to me in June…

Martial Arts?

Aside from the kick/punch routine (basics) I hit the mook jong once a week. Everything else is in the mental crapper and I suspect much of it is forgotten. I long for an opportunity to train in wing chun, bagua, or tai chi. If my Indianapolis Kung Fu experience taught me anything, it’s that Kung Fu and the related Chinese arts are a better fit for me at this stage than the hard arts.

I toyed briefly with the idea of relearning all my taekwondo forms. However, without feedback and someone watching, it’d probably be a train wreck. I also toyed with the idea of exploring online and/or DVD instruction in something like Bagua. Again, however, without a partner and direct feedback I fear that it would not be productive.

For now I’ll hang a question mark on the idea. If I get down to 190 lbs body weight I may revisit the notion of DVDs as a reward.

Operation Carp

The big lake that I fish has a good population of common carp. So good, in fact, that one of the local fly shops offers guided fly fishing trips for the bronze beasts. When I’m on the lake I often see 5-8 pounders cruising the shallows. I’ve also seen a few carp that are easily in the 15-25 pound range. In Europe the carp is a prized game fish. The European record is a grotesque 105lbs! Here in the states the carp gets mixed reviews.

Growing up in Nebraska I logged many hours catching river carp using tinned corn as bait. My biggest was 7 lbs and I think I was 20-years-old at the time. In the carp world 7 lbs is lame. What the hell? My summer goal is to break my own record and also break the 10 lb mark. Given what I see cruising the banks I think that this is doable.

God bless the internet! Back in the 80’s you had to learn by word-of-mouth or via fishing magazines. Now I can go online for an hour or so and gather good carp intel from the Euro experts. Doing exactly that this weekend and I discovered a tried-and-true European corn recipe for carp:

  • 1 can sweetcorn
  • 2 packages of sweetened strawberry jello

Dump corn in container. Add 2 packages of jello and a 1/4 cup of cold water. Let soak overnight. The result is the corn soaking up a ton of sugar which attracts carp. This recipe also stains the corn bright red.

I found an alternate version of this recipe that includes corn, a half cup of sugar, and 1/8th teaspoon of vanilla extract.

This coming weekend I’m going to test out the strawberry jello version.

News at 11!


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4 Responses to Biblical rain in the middle of damn nowhere!

  1. potatoefist says:

    Speaking to the athletic stuff, just remember to make realistic goals. I’m a champ for making ridiculous ones and keeping them for two weeks. I, too, am back to running (this week) and do two miles with lots of walking on the way back. I’m being pushed by fear of the lipid blood test. Hmmm. I guess I could eat better though…


  2. DR says:

    The fishing sounds like a Dam Shame.
    The martial arts sounds like you just need lots of Vodka. Either it makes you a superhero or you break out in black eyes.
    Perhaps when the cat is better it can help with Bob’s liver affliction.

    Mrs. Patterson’s shopping trip was the high point. Did she buy Langerie?


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