Academic librarians another other things that go bump in the night


Pretty much says it all and is fairly accurate.

Today after work I decided to dust off my kettle bell and calisthenics workout. It felt really good but I’m out of shape, am already getting sore, and am also fairly wired.

Perhaps a little blogging?

I do not see formal martial arts training in my immediate future. As such, I won’t have much to blog about in that regard.

Aside from two failed “professional blogs” I’ve tended to avoid blogging much about my job or life in higher education. Blogging in higher education is a proverbial catch-22 situation: Use your real name and you had better hope that you have tenure which (in theory) protects you if you opine controversial. If you lack tenure and use your real name you’ll probably end up making your posts so “sanitized” that nobody will read the bloody things. This was the case with my two failed professional blogs.

It’s funny but once I did get tenure I had no want to blog professionally. Shortly after having obtained “faculty status” and tenure I took my current director job. Here I moved out of the faculty librarian stream and into evil administration at a different institution. I said buh-bye to all the protections that tenure gave me when I did write or blog professionally.

Even with tenure, that which you blog about–and your overall tone–can still influence hiring committees outside of your institution (if anyone tells you otherwise they’re either daft or full of shit). So over the years I’ve kept things mostly under a pseudonym and have purposely avoided topics that pertain to higher education or libraries. Hats off to those academics who can blog professionally! I could never square that circle.

The future of this blog?

For sure I’ll keep it but the posts will be occasional. Topics? Most likely…

  • Fishing
  • Bitching about social issues
  • Bitching about politics
  • Bitching about not finding that next job

And maybe…

  • Higher education
  • Libraries
  • The state of my liver

Stay tuned…


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  1. potatoefist says:

    I love the “what I really do” pane. It looks like drink and drugs while you cradle your noggin. I look forward to any witty comments. And don’t forget to throw in some Seagal once in awhile. He just cranked out another movie and I guess the press tour was hilarious.


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