Time for a few updates!

Martial Arts

The cost outweighs the benefit so I’m not planning to continue on with judo. It just isn’t worth tearing up my body at this age — esp. with no hard goal in sight. I’m still hanging question marks on traditional tai chi, bagua, and wing chun. June of 2017 will put me at 50-years-old. When I hit the spring 2017 mark I will be on the job market with vengeance. If the fates land me in a city with the above martial arts I’ll probably bite. Past that it’s looking like minimal MA maintenance at this time.

Graduate School?

Kick me in the head now! I’m considering a second master’s in educational administration. As a library director my terminal required degree for most director jobs is an MLS. This I already have. However, some colleges and universities will ask for a second advanced degree. Some will require it while others will list it in the job posting as “preferred.”

I missed the fall cohort deadline but I could apply for the spring 2016 cohort. Before I do this I have some research to complete. Due to a partnership with our state university employees of my college get 1 free class each semester. In addition, tuition for residents is dirt cheap — approx. $700 a class. I’m also eligible to apply for some grant money at my college but that’s not a guarantee. Worst case scenario here is probably a small student loan of about $7,000 (assuming I can apply for a loan) to cover what the freebies do not.

Duh Questions

  • What aid am I eligible for?
  • Can I handle the workload while being a director?
  • How much will a second degree help?

That last question is the big one. I’ve spent the last three years filling gaps in my director CV. The only big gap remaining is to write a few grants. This I plan to do over the summer and into the fall. Past that it’s time in rank. Most jobs that I would consider applying for ask for 3-5 years of director experience.

A second masters or PhD is typically required for directors at universities with “very high” research activity. I can tell you now that there is not enough vodka in the world for me to apply for a job at such a university! I’d consider applying for a director job at a doctoral/research university which is the least of the three extremes. Most likely I’ll end up at a larger state college or go back to medium-sized private college or university. Here a second masters is usually listed as “preferred”, if listed at all.

How much a second degree will help is a matter of reading the tea leaves. I’m looking solid on paper; however, it’s a rough job market out there so I need to consider those things that will make me attractive to employers. I need to chat with some colleagues and also with a few contacts in the ALA before I commit. It might not be worth it and I could better focus my time writing grants and chairing national or state committees.

More updates to follow…


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  1. potatoefist says:

    I not sure about the Library Sciences side of things, but does where you get your degree from matter? Graduate degrees in the Educ and Human Dev area get kind of snobby especially if you want to stay in the field.


  2. DR says:

    Go west young man… Try Portland or Seattle!


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