Judo or not?

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The partial tendon tear in my elbow caused me to pause and reflect. In my 10 years of solid martial arts participation it was only the second injury I ever had that I thought might not get better. Granted, the injury happened while lifting weights to get in shape for judo. However, the judo practice only made it worse! After a month of trying to nurse it back to health while working out and going to judo, I finally had to stop and let things heal for two months.

I find myself at a crossroads. I’ll be 48 in June and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve mostly convinced myself to give judo one more try. However, there’s a part of me that’s saying: “Bob, what the hell are you thinking!”

I’ve allowed myself a couple of weeks to let the body readjust to running, weights and calisthenics. If I do go back I should probably do it next week.

Related: Short of that “dream” retirement job appearing early we are probably in Cowboy Town for at least two more years. After that I’ll be looking hard for my last director job. We are planing that move around a state and city that we’d both like to retire in.

The point: I’m hoping that the last move will land me near a kung fu and/or traditional tai chi instructor. Until then I need to talk myself into giving judo one more try…


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  1. potatoefist says:

    Well, when you do go shopping for the next job please consider coming to the Rose City. If anything you can get a good meal and drink.


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