God Bless Corticosteroids

Before we get into my injuries I’ve been remiss in keeping ya’ll up-to-date on Governor Corn Dog. So here we go!

The hard right T-bagger nutters dug themselves a hole on this one! This little stunt is estimated to cost the State of Indiana over 256 million dollars. Worse still, it undermines all the hard work that Indiana businesses have put into modernizing — especially in the Indianapolis area. We lived in the Indianapolis area for 11 years so this cluster-fuck did not surprise me one bit. However, we know a lot of good people, educators, etc. in Indiana that did not support Pence. Sadly, until things settle, they are still getting painted with the same broad brush as Governor Corn Dog.

The one ray of sunshine in all of this? Governor Mike Pence will not be running for President! After this boondoggle the best he could do is run for President of the Indiana State Fair Corn Dog Board. With a little luck he can get Rick Perry or Michelle Bachman to be his running mate:

Yes, I’m going to hell for this. Their apparent sausage-handling skills would translate well to corn dogs!

Injury Update:

The corticosteroid shot did the trick. I’ve had a week of pain-free and have been able to move the arm in all ranges. Some “research” on the inter-webs suggests that after 6 weeks some folks will relapse. We shall see. Per my doctor, I’ve done wrist-strengthening exercises almost each night. April 17th – 24th I’m on the road twice: once for a fishing trip and then one more time for work. It the elbow survives fishing then my plan is to return to judo the week of April 27th.

I have to give the weekly thrashings one more try…



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  1. potatoefist says:

    haha, “wrist strengthening exercises” snicker.


  2. DR says:

    OK Bob, I gotta know;
    Does your comment-icon picture represent you, or Race Bannon or Mike Pence?


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