Governor Mike Pence Doubles Down

Governor Mike Pence is going down with his ship. He doubled down in a WSJ op ed piece. Huffington Post has a breakdown of the Governor’s “logic”:

“I want to make clear to Hoosiers and every American that despite what critics and many in the national media have asserted, the law is not a ‘license to discriminate,’ either in Indiana or elsewhere,” Pence wrote. “In fact, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act reflects federal law, as well as law in 30 states nationwide. Indiana’s legislation is about affording citizens full protection under Indiana law.”

What Pence leaves out is the fact that his idiot law is much broader than other so-called “similar” laws:

“It is disingenuous to say that the Indiana RFRA is substantially similar to the federal RFRA, or laws in other states,” Warbelow added. “This bill allows all businesses, all corporations, to have religious beliefs and to assert those religious beliefs — regardless of whether or not they are actually religious organizations. These are for-profit corporations we are talking about.”

This story was on the cover of Indiana’s largest newspaper today:

indystarThis morning Governor Pence is trying his republican talking points on Faux and Friends. Steve Douchey may buy it but making the conservative talk circuit now is like locking the barn door after the cattle got out. Too little and way too late!

Here’s a short list of people or organizations that have publicly opposed this flawed law:

  • NCAA
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Mayor Ballard of Indianapolis
  • Ball State
  • Butler University
  • Eli Lilly
  • SalesForce
  • Apple
  • Gen Con
  • Angies List

Governor Pence and the flawed conservative lawmakers in Indiana have ALREADY cost the state millions in damaged reputations, lost tourism, and lost business. It would appear that Mayor Greg Ballard of Indianapolis understands how serious this is for Indiana:

“I call upon Gov. Pence and the Indiana Legislature to fix this law. Either repeal it or pass a law that protects all who live, work and visit Indiana. And do so immediately. Indianapolis will not be defined by this…”

Perhaps Indiana should make Mayor Ballard the Governor?


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  1. potatoefist says:

    No movement so far. But I guess I would be stunned if he found an exit strategy that helped him save face and get rid of it.


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