Cautiously Optimistic

I am three days removed from the steroid injection and my elbow is doing great! It still twinges just a tad if I do certain movements, but it’s nothing like the blistering pain of old.

I was planning on fishing today, however, I had better not. I know for a fact that I’ll get my dumb ass into a situation where I’m wrestling a trout, net, and rod on slippery rocks. In those conditions I’m likely to undo whatever healing has started.

I am three weekends away from fishing trip with an old friend. We are meeting in a neighboring state and trying an outflow canal that’s part of a major reservoir. Legend has it that there are ginormous rainbow trout that just sit in the outflow getting fat. We’ll see it that legend is true…

If all feels good next weekend I think I’ll try some controlled fishing. Most likely with bait so I don’t have to cast a lot. The weekend following I have plans with the missus and the weekend after that it’s the fishing trip.


Not until I’m sure the elbow is healed and I’ve had a few weeks to work on strengthening exercises. Maybe mid or late May — I’m just not sure.


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