Shot this!

Yesterday I had a cortisone shot. The good doctor said that it might take a day or so to have any effect so we wait. He also said that it might not do a darn thing. At least he’s being honest. If things have not improved in 1-2 weeks the doctor is referring me to a physical therapist or someone that specializes in orthopedics.

One of my employees gave me the contact information of her acupuncturist. I’m contemplating if I should give that a go before more doctors. At $110 for the first visit I’m not so sure…

Related medical news: I discovered that those crazy Russian are selling canned bigfoot air!

A spokesman for the company defended the product, saying: ‘It’s full of goodness and has a healing effect, helping to strengthen the immunity and positively impact someone’s mental state.’

The canned air is being gathered from the Sheregesh ski resort in Russia’s remote Siberia region and from Azasskaya Cave, the location of supposed sightings of fabled Yetis, known to some as Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman.



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  1. potatoefist says:

    I’m guessing by Friday you’ll know if you are going to be pain free, but is it okay to go back to beatings? I’m thinking just because you don’t feel the pain it doesn’t necessarily mean the injury isn’t there…


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