Race Together?


Race this!

Starbucks has decided to insert itself into the national race debate.

Scrawled on Starbucks cups, the words “Race Together” were intended to stimulate conversations about race relations in America. But the coffee company’s campaign has instead unleashed widespread vitriol.

For the most part, it appears that the campaign is going sideways on them:

The important thing is that Starbucks has finally united Americans in a conversation about how much they don’t want to have a conversation about race—at least, not before they have their coffee.

Injury report:

On Friday I’m headed to the doctor for a cortisone shot. I’m annoyed enough that I’m going to grill the doctor on the healing time, my options, etc.

News at 11.

– Bob


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  1. potatoefist says:

    Ah Bob, it’s nice to see some social commentary. Not the first time a vendor over-estimated their place is society. I think they forgot they sell a drug and just need to stick to that. Dummies.


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