Well my GD effin elbow is not healing. I’d say it’s stuck at 40% messed up. Dull ache, swollen, tight, and stiff. Certain movements will cause a burning-type pain. According to the research I’ve done on torn tendons cortisone shots are not too effective. I’m seriously thinking that I’ll have to call my doctor and ask for a referral to the only sports medicine place in town. Maybe rehabilitation will help. I’m off for three days next week so on Monday I think I’ll call my doctor. 😦

I did contact sensei and tell him that I’m down and out for the time being. He was super-cool about it and told me I’m welcomed back to judo once I’m healed. This injury is frustrating to say the least! In the kung fu and taekwondo days I went to practice with cracked ribs, deep tissue bruises, all manner of strains, and I did both of those arts around an old neck injury. Ironically my neck has been 100%!

Speaking of dookie…

Akron Ohio is being plagued by a serial pooper:

Police said the man, who has been nicknamed the “serial pooper,” the “mystery pooper” and the “bowel movement bandit,” has been linked to 19 incidents involving human feces being left on parked vehicles dating back to May 2012.

I guess it pays to lock your car doors. 🙂


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  1. Tater says:

    For god’s sake, they have the guys picture. And they can’t find him? Crazy. My guess is that the popo don’t care. I’d think it was funny unless I had to wash off my hood. Still looks cold out there so that’s a plus. *steam rising* voms all over.


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