Judo 3

My elbow was at 98% healed so I went to judo class. A high belt that I’ve never seen before was at class. He is preparing for an open BJJ tournament this weekend so the sensei built the class around him. Luckily there was one other low belt at my skill level and my bonus was that he was as tall as me. The pace was increased from what I’ve seen but they kept us low belts out of trouble.

Techniques of the night for the two low belts:

  • Tai Otoshi (new to me)
  • Yoko guruma (repeat)
  • Uchi mata (only did it like 3 times so still pretty new to me)
  • Yoko guruma counter to Uchimata
  • Uchimata counter to Tai Otoshi

Me and my fellow low belt started out doing the first three throws as singles while the rest of the class was already working counter drills. Then, when the rest of the class kicked it up a notch and did some advanced interchanging of throws/counters, sensei had me and the other low belt try the last two counters.

Bear in mind that we were nowhere near the throw, counter, flow exhibited by the high belts. If they where BMWs then me and my partner were Dodge Colts with jinky stick shifts!

Here’s Tai Otoshi:

I started out being frustrated with this throw but once I got the footwork down I really started to like it! This throw is Te-waza aka hand throwing technique. It’s a body drop throw, so if you do all the steps right and then sink as you pull down, Uke can’t help but go for a ride. It also takes very little muscle.


  • I was already thrown and as I was getting up I caught a shin to my head from two other classmates whose throw went out of control. No bruising so far but I do have a lump.
  • My elbow was great for the first hour of class. 2/3rds into the last 30 minutes and I felt it “go” while gripping Uke’s gi collar and pulling down. It is now as bad as it’s ever been. 😦

Duh moment of the night:

Me: “This sure seems like a long hour.”
Uke: “Hour? The adult class runs an hour-and-a-half.”
Me: “Well that explains it!”


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2 Responses to Judo 3

  1. Tater says:

    I had an accidental slap in my old school. I caught the teacher right on the forehead. He went around the rest of the class with a red hand print on his forehead. I wasn’t sure if I should be chagrined or pleased.

    Hope that arm heals up by Monday!


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