Stupid Human Tricks

Durp! When doing these I feel like hitting myself in the head with the can. Durp!

Given that I live in a smallish town in the Wild West I ran into my doctor at the gas station (pretty much run into EVERYONE when I go out and about). Naturally he asked how the elbow was doing. I told him about the same: I get it back to 90% healed and then do something to take it back to 20-30%.

After finding out that I have not been doing his “roll the stick” therapy exercises he slightly admonished me. I told him that they aggravate the elbow and I’m afraid it will never heal. So Mr. Doc suggested using soup cans. Last night I skipped judo and tried these along with ice.

This morning the “tennis elbow” is aggravated and sore.

Fuck it.

I’ll keep on his treatment regimen but I’m headed back to judo next week. It hurts it no worse than the soup cans!

I have a funny feeling that a steroid injection is in my future.


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2 Responses to Stupid Human Tricks

  1. potatoefist says:

    I think you should go for the ‘roids anyway. You’ll have this one giant arm like a cartoon hero. Here is an example when applied to a hand. It’ll be awesome.


  2. Yeah. Or this…


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