Judo 3 on hold…

Since seeing the doctor last week I’ve been treating my “tennis elbow” with anti-inflammatory meds, ice, and a brace. I’ve also been careful to avoid activities which seem to aggravate it.

Prior to visiting the doctor I was able to get the elbow back to 90% healthy in about a week. Since the doc’s new regimen things are the same. Were I to have gone to judo last night my elbow would once again feel like 1,000 devils were poking it with pitchforks. So I skipped last night’s class in hopes that the extra two days will help. I’m going to assess on Thursday and maybe go to class.

Now in an effort to fully disclose the folly of my ways, the doctor told me that for three weeks I should avoid activities that aggravate my elbow. Ahem…I did conveniently forget to tell him I’m a martial arts hobbyist who just started judo class.

If I miss this coming Thursday’s class it will have been 12 days off. If it comes to that, and the darn elbow is still not better, I may go to class next week and let the sensei know that I have a busted wing. At least then I could observe class all next week to show my commitment. It would also put me at almost three weeks off.

The really effed up part is that I hurt the elbow moving boxes and that was a month before I started class!


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  1. Rincewind says:

    Oh man, that sucks.. stop moving boxes! 🙂


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