Road Judo?

Road judo? Not quite…

Work has become a shit storm so I’m trying to drop distractions. One of those distractions is Facebook. Much like Twitter, I’ve decided to quit it (for now), cold turkey. As I was unplugging my Facebook presence I happened to notice that the judo club made a weekend road trip to a neighboring state. My kung fu school had a term for this: Road Kung Fu. It meant a drive from Indiana to Michigan to train with sifu’s sifu (aka sigung).

stinkinfacebookWith only two lessons under my belt I was not asked to join them. In kung fu sifu would not start asking you to join the Road Kung Fu trips until you’ve been around for at least six months. If I stick around long enough I suspect that Road Judo is probably on the horizon.

Aside from some middle to advanced training in judo the crew also participated in a Sambo workshop.

Oschepkov had observed Kano’s distillation of Tenjin Shin’yo Ryu jujutsu and Kito Ryu jujutsu into judo, and he had developed the insight required to evaluate and integrate combative techniques into a new system.

I have enough on my plate just trying to learn one martial art. In fact, things got a little hairy in the kung fu days where I was chasing two rabbits: Praying Mantis & chin na certification. So my plan is to keep it simple and focus on one thing: judo.

This all having been noted, it’s a healthy sign that the senior belts in this club are still passionate enough about their art to travel out-of-state for advanced judo training!


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  1. potatoefist says:

    I’m glad to see that there are signs of health. Your original visit left me skeptical of the class/school; what with it’s location and generally dingy accouterments. Or are you just seeing beyond these things now that you’ve got good instruction?


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