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Tennis elbow: it’s what I have and it sucks!

Yesterday afternoon I went to the doctor. Diagnosis? Tennis elbow. I never made the connection! Around “these here parts” he usually sees tennis elbow in oil workers and welders. Seeing that I was embarrassed it happened from moving boxes the good doctor tried to console me. Apparently he once suffered from it due to moving charts around all day.

Eggheads unite!

Long story short: naproxen and ice therapy coupled with grip strengthening exercises. If it’s not better in about 3 weeks it’s off to a specialist for a shot of cortisone.

Judo 2: Last night was the second judo class. We had a few new (to me) folks attend including one woman. Techniques of the night were Yoko Guruma and Yoko Guruma as a counter to Uchimata.

First Yoko Guruma:

Sensei felt comfortable enough with my rusty falls/rolls to work me into this. Bear in mind it was only from my strong side and at about 1/3 the speed everyone else was doing it. We mainly worked this from the tight grip perspective that’s shown in the video. Though, near the end of the first drill, he did demo the classical version from a judo kata. i.e., against an overhead hammer-like strike. The grip approach on uke in the classical version involves grabbing the lapel and squeezing uke’s trunk.

For the second half of the class sensei kicked it up a notch and had everyone use Yoko Guruma as a counter to Uchimata:

This was a repeat of what they worked on last Tuesday and was far beyond my meager skill level so at first they did not let me do it. To make it a little more “advanced” for me they had me try to do Yoko Guruma (1st version) from my weak side. It was ugly and, among other things, I botched a throw and had a 250lb man squish me. Ouch!

Class officially ended but one of the black belts and 3 of us low belts hung around for another 15 minutes. Here I got to try the Uchimata counter. Again, it was ugly but a good learning moment. I do not have enough time in judo to do either technique — much less “read” uke’s intent and counter. This results in me not being able to execute Yoko Guruma quickly enough as a counter.

Learning moments/observations:

  • At a tall and lanky 200lbs I can already throw (poorly) guys who outweigh me by 50 or more pounds. I’m eager to see what that looks like in 6 months to a year!
  • It’s just like learning a new TKD or kung fu technique: I’m at the “break the technique into steps” phase. I really want to be in the “do it without thinking” phase!
  • On Yoko Guruma I need to shoot my long leg through. About 2/3rds of the time I was hooking it which is not good.
  • I need to learn a pin! After the throw sensei emphasized staying on uke and controlling him. Half way through the class they taught me a simple pin/control technique but with so much to digest already, I kept botching it and mostly ended up laying on uke like a bloated fish.
  • Observing the counter throw drill and what these guys can do was awesome! It is a skill I sorely want to learn. The speed at which they can read their opponent and counter a throw is amazing.
  • My striker’s instinct is to make space when crowded so I can punch or kick. This is the exact opposite of what I need to do in judo. This will take a few months to get comfortable with. Right now I’m far from my comfort zone but I suspect it’s good for my martial growth.
  • Damn but it feels good to be back in an organized martial arts class!

Injury report:

  • My elbow feels like 1,000 devils are poking it with pitchforks
  • Right side trunk it slightly strained from executing so many sacrifice throws
  • Right pec is sore to the touch. I suspect that this is from the guy who squashed me!

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  1. potatoefist says:

    Blast you Bob! This looks so fun! As much as I like my traditional stuff Judo looks like such a kick in the pants. I missed throws so much.


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