Judo 1

Osoto Gari


I’m taking a page from Frosty’s playbook and plan to number each judo class post; at least, that is, until I know I’m going to stay. So far it looks promising!

Last week: I was planning on starting class but two things got in my way.

  1. My wife unpacked my gi top from the Indianapolis “aikido experiment” but we could not find the bottoms. So I could have gone to class “sans pants” or I could have worn my black and white taekwondo demo pants and looked like a dork.
  2. I had a literal “personnel explosion” at work that I had to deal with.

To make a long story short: Last night was my first official judo class. It started by me arriving early while they wrapped up the kids class. i.e., me standing around like the wallflower at prom waiting to be asked for a dance. 🙂

Eventually one of the black belts and one of the white belts said hi and got me started warming up. After hearing that I had taekwondo experience and had done some falling and rolling the black belt said: “Great! Even if it’s been 7 years your muscle memory will come back!” Apparently he was right. My falls and rolls where rough as a corn cobb but good enough for them to teach me a throw:

I was taught the “classical” version of osoto gari. I must have done the darn thing 60 times last night from my strong side and was uke only 10 or so times. They also broke it down into four steps for me. I joked to the red belt that he had better look out because I now know one deadly technique–albeit broken into four lame steps!

Learning moment: It’s already a throw at the elbow/collar tip part where you step in. Adding the leg sweep kicks it up a notch!

After this they taught me kesa gatame:

I spent less time on this because it was near the end of the class. My main mistake was sitting too high and not getting the right pressure on the chest quadrant.

Learning moment: From osoto gari they taught me how to sit into kesa gatame.

Injury report: Bridge of my left foot and right knee are both sore but tolerable. Past that I continue to have issues with my right elbow. The elbow injury happened around January 2nd and long before I started judo. It’s really not the elbow either — it’s whatever muscle/tendon that is involved with squeezing and making a fist. Anyhow, last night’s activities aggravated that a bit. Since that injury has been going on for a month I’m headed to the doctor Thursday afternoon.

Mat observation: In TKD we did falls and rolls on a wooden ballet floor. I kid you not. After any fall/roll night I would have bruises on my back the next day. NOT ideal! In kung fu we did not fall and role per se. Rather, the chin na (joint locks) would have us taking someone down to the concrete and tile floor into a lock. It was more of a smoosh into the ground than a classic throw/fall. The killer on my body in kung fu was the 700-year-old exercises that had not been vetted by modern science. Doing them on that hard concrete floor aggravated my neck to no end!

Suffice to say that a variety of mats abounded last night!


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  1. potatoefist says:

    Awww Yeah, sweaty man hugging is best. I’m pretty sure that’s what Conan said. Anyway, you’ve motivated me to put down exercise mats down in the basement and test out my rolls. Oh god the pain! Rusty after a year plus off and the mats are so old that they don’t seem to have any give on my concrete floor. I’m super stoked for you. It sounds like good lessons.


  2. DR says:

    The ground never misses (according to one of my instructors Jake)


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