Judo T-2 days and counting

Tuesday will be my first Judo class EVER and I’m fairly excited. My martial arts experience has been rusting away in the wild west graveyard, and I’m fairly excited for a new distraction!

I was able to find the gi top I used during the aikido experiment. Unfortunately I seemed to have lost the bottoms during the move. Oh well, this crew is fairly laid back so they probably won’t mind me showing up in black-and-white taekwondo demo pants — at least until the bottoms I ordered arrive via the mule train.

I had planned to practice falls and rolls this weekend; however, I was shelled from last week and ended up power napping. I was hired to modernize the operation and that I’ve done. The end result of this two-year process was one faculty applying for early retirement this past December and a second giving her two-week notice as of last week. Shit! I did not see that one coming! So now I have to chair two faculty searches out of my ass and soon!

Anyhow, I’m headed to the iron pit tomorrow night and after I’m done working out I’ll go to the bowels of the facility. There they have a lovely padded floor where I can test how much I’ve forgotten. At least I can halfway knock the rust of off falling and rolling.

My old TKD curriculum had some throws from Judo. Or so Master C. told us during the speech he gave during our black belt test. As such, I’m not as worried about the throws as I am the ground stuff. The extent of my experience there was one ground workshop during TKD and a little time (very little) in a so-called “reality system” that had some ground from BJJ. When I observed last week and saw what these guys did on the ground, well, suffice to say that my past experience sucks.

I’m also still nursing an elbow injury that’s going on almost 4-weeks. That’s a long and boring tale so I’ll spare ya’ll the details. Let’s just hope that this lame-brained idea does not make it worse!

– Bob


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